Vince Delmonte- Wedding Workout

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Vince Delmonte- Wedding WorkoutVince Delmonte – Wedding Workout

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The Wedding Day Workout plan is a fitness and nutrition plan that incorporates intensive strength workouts with nutritional guidelines intended on burning off body fat and toning your body in the space of two months.

Naturally, the June 26th date relates to Vince Delmonte’s wedding and doesn’t have to mean anything for you. However, it is actually good to have some sort of deadline or target date whenever you’re trying to achieve any goal as it sets you into achievement mode and boosts your motivation.

In this case, you can use the June 26th date or any other day by which you want to transform your body into a lean and sculpted physique.

The Wedding Day Workout includes a detailed manual with nutrition information and workout guidelines and a workout DVD with Vince and Flavia in which they show you how to perform the various exercises and workouts that are included in the program.

The program includes moderate-intensity cardio, 4 strength workouts each week, a special selection of ab exercises to fire up your midsection, and a stretching routine to keep you flexible with elongated muscles.

So, this program requires you to make a real effort on your part, there’s no doubt about that but it is a very comprehensive approach to fat burning and muscle toning that does not consume a lot of your time and can indeed work for both men and women who wish to get their body in shape by summertime.

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