Tim Taylor – Ultimate Wealth System Self – Study Program

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Tim Taylor – Ultimate Wealth System Self – Study Program

Tim Taylor – Ultimate Wealth System Self – Study Program

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Self-Study Program Content:

The first section of this program will focus on creating the proper mindset needed before breaking into the real estate investing business. I will show how to create your vision, how to fuel your passion and how to setup an action plan to achieve any goal in life.

By the end of this section, you will no longer have the fear of failure, fear of loss, or fear of embarrassment that holds 97% of people back from taking action and obtaining their goals or dreams! The remainder of the program will then focus on the 5 Key Outcomes of running a successful real estate business, which include:

  • Six different marketing techniques that attract motivated sellers to call you.
  • How to pre-screen leads – Only work on qualified leads so you’re not wasting your most valuable asset: your time.
  • Learn 4 different buying strategies, including:
  • All Cash Purchases
  • Owner Financing – the seller has equity in the property and agrees to accept a small down payment and the balance of their equity in monthly installments
  • Lease/Options – the seller agrees to lease the house with a right to buy
  • Straight Option – a price for the home is agreed upon, and the buyer has a pre-determined amount of time to buy the house for that amount
  • Create an Automated Follow-up System – Using innovative technologies, students receive automatic email reminders to contact sellers that you’ve made previous offers to.

Mentor + The Right Information = Real Estate Investing Riches

In addition to these 5 key strategies, this program will show you how to:

  • Negotiate with Buyers and Sellers Using the Principals of The Platinum Rule
  • You’ll Receive Filled-Out Purchase and Sales Agreements for Both Buying and Selling Homes
  • Acquire Homes in Pre-Foreclosure with Short Sales
  • Create a Solid Asset Protection Structure
  • Create a Huge Roth IRA Portfolio Through Real Estate
  • How to Find Private Lenders to Fund Your Deals
  • How to Automate Their Business to Work Less Than 15 Hours a Week
  • With Creating a Step-by-Step Checklist to Automate Your Real Estate Business
  • Create a Time Management System for Their Business and Their Life
  • Align Their Psychology with Their Goals – Eliminating Fears and Limiting Beliefs
  • Create a Life Plan which Internally Drives Them to be a Success in All Areas of Life: Physically, Emotionally, Career, Family, Relationships, Finances, etc.
  • Discover Their True Purpose in Life

“I just wanted to let you know that last week was incredible. I sold two houses and bought one. One of the sales was amazing, I made $40,000; The goal setting skills you taught me and then changing my mentality to achieve them are priceless. You have had a huge impact on many, many aspects of my life. Thank You!”

Valerie Gilgore, St. Petersburg, Florida

“So, What Does It Cost?”

I bet you’re wondering what this all-in-one business building program costs, right?

For something so ruthlessly effective and used by many of my most successful students, it surely costs an arm and a leg, right?

Well, when we’re talking about doubling, or even tripling your current business, I prefer to think in terms of “investment” rather than cost.

When you choose to take advantage of The Ultimate Wealth System Self-Study Program, you’re investing in your future, in your quality of life, in your financial freedom. When you order here through this exclusive site – which is, by the way, the only place on the web where you can get this same offer – you’ll receive the complete solution to becoming a successful real estate investor. You’ll receive over 90 hours of step-by-step audio training and the 391-page PDF training manual for…

Get Tim Taylor – Ultimate Wealth System Self – Study Program at the fexmall

Sale Page: http://www.timtaylorsuccesscoach.com/go/tim-taylor-self-study-program-special-offer/


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