Tibetan Massage


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Originally, a belief: the power of rebalancing energies that sounds would have. In Tibet, for more than 5000 years, singing bowls and traditional mantras have been used to harmonize bodies … and spirits.

According to the Vedic philosophy, each body possesses its own frequency, which is regularly disturbed by various emotional factors: fear, stress , annoyance … These emotions would have direct repercussions on the body which would then manifest evils or “symptoms” .

To relieve them, the Tibetan therapeutic massage, by ancestral gestures, applies to stimulate the meridians in a mystical sound atmosphere. Plants and oils from the traditional pharmacopoeia are also used in these rituals, baths or local application to drain the body and release the moods.

How is a session going?

At the Tibetan health center of Mount Kailash * in Paris, seven comfortable cabins distributed over 500 m2 of zen space await city dwellers in search of relaxation.

On the spot, six practitioners trained by Tetsen Wangmo, founder of the Lhasa University Medical Center.

Lying on your stomach, covered with a towel on a heated table, we are quickly lulled by the deep songs that flood the room.

After having quickly evaluated the areas on which it is necessary to work, the practitioner embarks on a tonic massage . The firm pressures – sometimes painful depending on the state of tension – are accompanied by kneading and friction that aims to warm up and untie the body to achieve relaxation muscle. All the meridians associated with the organs are stimulated, from head to toe! It is “Traditional Tibetan Art”, a tiring massage commonly practiced in Tibetan families who pass on the same gestures from generation to generation.

Depending on the type of care chosen, the practitioner may also have, on certain points of the body, small bags containing a mixture of medicinal herbs reduced to powder, after having immersed in a hot oil. It is the so – called “moxibustion” technique which consists of stimulating acupuncture points by heat. A ritual massage then stimulates all the meridians. Produced in the northern regions of Tibet, this treatment helps relieve pain and curb negative emotions (anxiety, dizziness, depression …).

And after: what benefits?

One comes out exhausted but the spirit appeased. If a few pains can occur within 24 hours, they disappear quickly to give way to a noticeable energy boost. The muscles and joints are relaxed and lighter thoughts. Ommmm.