Ted McGrath – Message To Millions Virtual Training Course

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Ted McGrath - Message To Millions Virtual Training CourseTed McGrath – Message To Millions Virtual Training Course

Get Ted McGrath – Message To Millions Virtual Training Course at the fexmall

ATTENTION to veteran or newbie entrepreneurs, service professionals, coaches, consultants, speakers, and wellness practitioners …“At This Moment, You’re ONE CLICK Away From Learning How To Get MORE High End Clients!”

Count me in, Ted! Give me instant access to your Message To Millions™ (7-Module, 30 hr online training) so I too can discover how to FIND MY MESSAGE, GET MORE HIGH END CLIENTS, AND MAKE MILLIONS faster, better and with less effort.

I can’t wait to learn and implement your time-tested BLUEPRINT to Find My Message and Create My Ultimate Sales Pitch so I Get Paid 2-3 x MORE!. I clearly understand that these 7 trainings will provide me EVERYTHING necessary to become an EXPERT in my field and build a lifestyle friendly business.

I also understand that these “GET MORE CLIENT” Strategies can and will dramatically boost my sales even if I don’t have an email list and without making me spend a single dime on advertising!

I’m super excited to start the online training to prepare me for the MESSAGE TO MILLIONS 5 Day Live Event that I get 2 FREE tickets to when I enroll in the Online training TODAY! (one for me and one for my accountability partner).

I’m aware that I can choose to attend either the OCTOBER 21-26 Event (2014) or the March 24-29 Event (2015). Both events held in Los Angeles, CA.

And I also know if those dates don’t work I have two years to claim my tickets.

You’ve indicated that this is a time tested and PROVEN Blueprint and has worked for you and so many of your clients repeatedly.

I further understand that you’ll reveal the MESSAGE TO MILLIONS tactics that made you $1.1 million in less than 12 months… working-from-home!

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When I enroll in the MESSAGE TO MILLIONS ONLINE TRAINING™ I’ll Learn 7 Modules packed with 30 hrs of high content video training, which include Ted’s best strategies, such as…….

Module 1

The Messaging and Money Blueprint

Do you have trouble finding or communicating your message?
Wondering what your first step is to make money in this business?

Module 2

The Story Formula

Do you discount your story?
Are you afraid to tell your real story?

Module 3

The Breakthrough Sales System

Get access to my 6-figure one-on-one sales system that magnetizes high paying clients to you

Module 4

The Breakthrough Results Formula

Are you afraid to sell?
Have you hit an income ceiling?

A Scientific Formula For Unlocking Your Full Potential so You Can Create Breakthrough Results in a Fraction of the Time

Module 5

The Strategic Partner Formula

Do you want to grow your email list, speak on stages, and get your products and programs out to the world?

Discover how Ted has inspired world class partners such as Eben Pagan, Alex Mandossian, Loral Langemeier, Peak Potentials, Bill Baren, Marcia Weider, etc. to Promote him and Invite him on their stages

Get Ted McGrath – Message To Millions Virtual Training Course at the fexmall

Module 6

The Product Marketing Blueprint

Module 7

Six figure speaker

Are you interested in speaking on stages?
Have you thought about putting on your own seminars?
Do you want to learn how to pitch from the stage?

If you had the formula to succeed would you do it?…….


Note: these are available for this special offer only. I cannot guarantee that they will be included in the future.

Get Ted McGrath – Message To Millions Virtual Training Course at the fexmall

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