Tai’s Credit – Mentor Program 3.0

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Tai's Credit - Mentor Program 3.0Tai’s Credit – Mentor Program 3.0

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Tai Lopez Credit Mentor Program. What exactly Tai teaches Inside the course?

Credit plays an important role. Your credit score is one of the most important things you must consider in when it comes to money terms and financial matters. This factor plays a crucial role when you’re buying a car or a house or even getting a job or where we can work.  You can turn points into actual money in your bank or travel for free.

There are a lot of hidden rewards and redemption points which a lot of people don’t have awareness about.

Everyone talks about the improvement of the Credit Score. But, what exactly is credit score how to get good with it? What are the exact steps needed in raising funds for credit score?

Why Credit card companies give you free flight tickets, free hotels, free restaurant bookings:

The most important benefits with an ideal credit score –  One could get free flight tickets, free hotels, and cashback offers. This sounds amazing and cool, right?

Let me talk more about it. There are some cheat codes involve with credit card usage. If used correctly and intelligently, it works for you giving you good benefits.

Tai Lopez says It is like a game where we must apply different tactics for getting good points.

There are a lot of powerful rewards and high-end features in a credit card which most people don’t even have any idea about it. Some credit card companies hide these details or they don’t want every one of the credit cards users to notice about these features. Just think if everyone knows about these cheat codes, credit card companies would be losing some revenue. So it is also one of their best interest not to let every one of their customers know about these hidden benefits and rewards.

Credit card companies get into some mutual alliance with flight companies, hotels, booking stores, etc.. They maintain some relationship with them in order to reach to more audience to increase their profits.