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Tai Lopez - Amazon Sales BlueprintTai Lopez – Amazon Sales Blueprint

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What Is Tai Lopez’s Amazon Sales Blueprint Course About?

The Amazon Sales Blueprint course is all about learning how to make money by selling products through Amazon.

Tai claims he and his team of experts will show you how to generate $1,000 – $10,000 per month…

Though it’s easy to throw out numbers like this, I think that with this busines model and training program you have a real chance of achieving that.

As well as the step-by-step video courses, you’ll also get access to his private members-only Facebook group where you can ask questions and get answers and get support if you’re ever unsure about anything along the way.

Here’s Tai’s walkthrough video telling you about what’s included and exactly what you’ll get out of the training:

What You’ll Learn Inside The Training Area

Tai Lopez is smart enough to know that if he wants people to buy his courses then he’s going to have to deliver high value every time. That’s why his training is packed full of practical, hand-on techniques and strategies from some of the top people in the Amazon selling world.

You’re not just given general over-arching theories and fluff, but an over-the-shoulder step by step you can follow to become a very successful Amazon seller.

Step 1: Picking The Right Products

You want to pick products that are popular, trending and in demand, but not overly competitive.

Once you’ve narrowed down your products to sell, you’ll need to know where you can source them and how much inventory you should have on hand.

Step 2: Driving Traffic

Now that your items are listed on Amazon, you want to maximise sales by knowing how to move your listings up in Amazon’s product search results.

Step 3: Building A Brand

You’ll learn how to build a strong brand for success in the long-term, from how to create a memorable logo to raising overall brand awareness.

Step 4: Scaling Your Business To The Next Level

Now that your E-commerce business is up and running and the sales are coming in, it’s time to take it up a gear!

Tai and his team of experts will show you how to scale up through outsourcing, running pay per click marketing campaigns on sites like Instagram and YouTube and by getting more exposure by setting up your own Shopify store.