Success Academy – How Success People Think

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Success Academy - How Success People Think

Success Academy – How Success People Think

No. 1 New York Times best-selling author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell shares the ESSENTIAL SKILLS necessary to bridge the gap between you and the most successful people in the world: how you think. Over 12 weeks, John will give you the same LIFE-CHANGING THINKING STRATEGIES that he has offered to business giants, top-brass military strategists, and world leaders.

Change how you think and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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You have the potential. You have the desire. Now master the skills.


strategies and systems applied by the most successful leaders in companies and countries around the globe.

Acquire Tools

that have led to John’s success select few have been privileged to use before today.

Gain access

to daily practices that will change how you think so you can change your life.

The million-seller book these leaders loved has become a life-changing program!

Stedman Graham

Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

Ken Blanchard

Coauthor of ‘The One Minute Manager’ and ’Whale Done!’ on Thinking For A Change

Develop Life-Changing Thinking Skills

  • Rise above average by developing uncommon thinking.
  • Gain focus that will transform the way you work and live.
  • Learn a proven practice to take any idea and make it better.
  • Recognize opportunities that others miss.
  • Move your thinking from selfish tosignificant.
  • Discover the missing piece that will give you the greatest return on your investment.

and so much more in this 12-week mentoring program with the world’s most sought-after leadership expert.

The Strategies to Think Like Successful People

John is excited to share the wisdom, advice and discoveries based on his over 40-plus years of being mentored and mentoring others—now distilled into an all-inclusive program just for you. Change your thinking and change your life.

Accessible and Easy to Follow Curriculum

You’ll receive a new module each week, along with John’s detailed slides, coordinating audio and video programs, and a workbook to help you take immediate action on what you’ve learned. Download the program to any device and enjoy lifetime access.

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Get Success Academy – How Success People Think at the fexmall

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