Steve Jaffe – Webinar Selling And Sponsoring Coaching Course

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Steve Jaffe - Webinar Selling And Sponsoring Coaching CourseSteve Jaffe – Webinar Selling And Sponsoring Coaching Course

Week 1: “How To Craft An Irresistible ‘Hook’ For Your Webinar That Pulls In Registrations And Sales”

Why This Week Matters: Webinars are very common. To maximize results, you must get your webinar to stand out above the noise.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How To Choose Webinar Topics That Hit Your Prospect’s Unique “Pain Points” And Dramatically Boost Your Chances Of Having A “Hit” Webinar
  • How To Craft A Unique Selling Prosposition That Differentiates Your Webinar From The Hundreds Of Other Webinars In The Industry
  • How To Embed A Unique Benefit Or “Hook” Into The Title Of Your Webinar That Magnetically Compels People To Register And (More Importantly) Attend

Week 2: “How To Maximize Registrations And Leads”

Why This Week Matters: Maximizing headcount increases sales. Because each webinar registrant can get added to your list as a lead, you can easily generate 14-37 of leads daily with webinars. Webinars are a potent, under-used “lead generation” source.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How To Get 50% Opt-In On Your Webinar Registration Page 30%-40% Is Standard. Same Traffic, Almost Double The Result.
  • How To Generate “Double Leads” That Both Register For Your Webinar And Get Added To Your List At The Same Time So You Can Market To Them For Years.
  • Simple, Fun Ways Use Facebook To Easily Generate To 21-34 Leads And Registrations Per Day- For Only $0.23 Per Lead/Registrant! (This Is CRITICAL If You Don’t Have A “List”.)
  • How To Promote Your Webinar Effectively To Your “List” (If You Have One) So A Flood Of People Pile Onto Your Webinar, Eager To Learn And Buy.

Week 3: “How To Get Registrants To Actually Show Up”
(The #1 “Money Skill” And Steve’s Specialty!)

Why This Week Matters:Only people who ATTEND your event will buy. And not everyone who registers shows up. Maximizing the “show” rate is CRITICAL to your bottom line.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Steve’s Pioneering Tactics That Get A Ridiculous 60% Of Registrants To Attend – When 30%-40% Attendance Is Considered “Normal”.
  • How To Intensify Registrants’ Desire To Attend Your Webinar, Using An Email Sequence That Pushes The Prospect’s “Hot Buttons”
  • Why Bribing People With A “Free Gift” To Attend Can Actually LOWER Attendance And Sales Conversions.
  • The Crafty Strategy Steve Uses That Compels People To Show Up 15-30 Minutes Early For Your Webinar, So You Have A “Full House” As Soon As Your Webinar Begins.

Week 4: “The Webinar Template That Closes Like Crazy”

Why This Week Matters: CLOSING gets you paid. Period.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The 25-Point Webinar Blueprint That Predictably Closes 14%-17% Of Attendees Into Sales Priced $297-$497
  • How To Boost Sales Using Influence Triggers Such As Authority, Reciprocity, Social Proof, Liking And Scarcity.
  • How To Compel 82% Of Attendees To Stay Until The End And See Your Offer
  • The Body Posture “Hack” Steve Learned From A Harvard Psychologist That Enables You To Exude Confidence When Presenting And Close 21% More Sales

Week 5: “The Post-Webinar Sales ‘Bump’”

Why This Week Matters: Marketing your webinar effectively to to people who did NOT attend your event is key to maximizing sales from your webinar. Skipping this step is just burning money.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How To Promote Your Webinar Replay Properly To Squeeze An Additional 24%-52% Sales From Your Webinar
  • How To Use A “Done For You” Template To Create A Professional-Looking “Sales Page” That Closes Sales For Days After Your Webinar
  • The Simple But Deadly-Effective Way To Close Webinar Attendees Who Have Lingering Questions And Objections After Your Webinar

Week 6: “How To Easily Measure, Review And Improve Your Webinar Results To Scale To Any Level Of Income On Demand”

Why This Week Matters: Continuous improvement allows you to make each webinar more profitable than the last! Getting to earning $10,000 or more per webinar is literally just a matter of continuous improvement and scale.

What You’ll Learn:

  • “Metrics For Dummies”: How To Squeeze Every Dime Of Profit From Your Efforts By Tracking Your Webinar Metrics And Separate From 99.9% Of Webinar Marketers Who Shoot In The Dark And Leave Money On the Table
  • How To Assess And Continuously Improve Every Webinar You Do, From Registration Through Closing, So Every Webinar Puts More Money Into Your Pocket Than The Last
  • How To Quantify EXACTLY How Much You Can Afford To Advertise To Promote Your Webinar. Know This, And You Can Scale Your Webinar Audience Almost Infinitely With Paid Traffic!

BONUS #1:  2 One-On-One Coaching Sessions With Steve Jaffe

  • Personalized Guidance And Support On How To Do Or Improve Any Aspect Of Your Webinar Marketing Process

BONUS #2: “Fill-In-The-Blank” Templates For Your Webinar Presentation, Registration Page, And Follow-Up Campaigns

  • Get Proven Templates Battle-Tested By Steve For Literally Every Scrap Of Marketing You Need To Promote And Execute A Highly Profitable Webinar
  • Included Are Templates For EVERYTHING You Need: Your Webinar Presentation Powerpoint, Webinar Registration Page, Webinar “Welcome” Page, Sales Page For Your Offer, And More

Get Steve Jaffe – Webinar Selling And Sponsoring Coaching Course at the fexmall

BONUS #3: “Swipe File” Of Emails To Promote Your Webinars And Get Registrants To Attend

  • Get Floods Of People Swarming To Your Webinar Registration Page Using Steve’s Proven Email Templates That Hit Reader’s “Hot Buttons” And Are Adaptable For ANY Webinar Topic.
  • You’ll Get Steve’s “Magic” Email Campaign That Escalates Desire To Attend Your Webinar And Is Critical To Achieving An Industry-Leading 60% Attendence Rate On YOUR Webinars

BONUS #4: Personal Review Of Your Entire Webinar Funnel

  • Get “No Nonsense”, Conversion Rate-Increasing Feedback On EVERY Single Marketing Piece In Your Webinar Campaign, Including Promotional Emails, Facebook Posts, Registration Page Copy, Presentation Slides, Follow-Up Marketing, Etc.
  • NO ONE ELSE OFFERS THIS! My marketing friends think I’m nuts for not charging extra for this!

BONUS #5: Video Training: “How To Create ‘Automated Webinars’ For Massive Leverage, Time Freedom, And Autopilot Income”

  • Learn To Create Massive Time Freedom And Get Paid While You Sleep By Automating The Entire Webinar Process
  • One Of The Very Few Marketers That’s Earned Thousands With Automated Webinars, I “Spill The Beans” And Expose All the Tips And Tricks He Uses To Generate $297 Commissions 100% On Autopilot

BONUS #6: Video Recordings Of The 6 Training Webinars

  • Recordings You Can Access For Literally For Years. (Or If You Miss A Live Training)

BONUS #7: Private Facebook Group For Support And Q&A

  • Get Ongoing Support, Knowledge-Sharing And Comraderie With The Only Private “Webinar Marketing”Group In The Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry

Get Steve Jaffe – Webinar Selling And Sponsoring Coaching Course at the fexmall

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