Steve G. Jones – Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis (bonuses induded)

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Steve G. Jones - Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis (bonuses induded)Steve G. Jones – Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis (bonuses induded)

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About the Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis

This is a product created by the celebrity hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones who has authored many books and have produced a lot of super successful personal development programs.

Jones has incorporated all the essential information in this course which can give you a firm understanding about this subject and it will equip you with the knowledge to put them into use.

Those who are in business will highly benefit from this program, but it is also a great tool for improving your personal life.

Inside the Package

The package contains 18 modules that focus on various different aspects of covert hypnosis.

Modules start with the introduction, history and basics, then it gradually takes you deeper into the science of hypnotism.

Each module has covers a plethora of topics so, I cannot tell you about it all in this single post, but I will highlight a few important ones here.

Module 4- Pacing

This is a NPL technique and it is a great tool used in covert hypnosis. Here you will also learn mirroring method and its various forms that are applicable in different situations.

The main requirement to perform hypnotic tricks is to first build a strong rapport with others which means that you should be “in tune” with their inner mind, that’s the way to make them trust you.

For doing this, you will get to know about a technique that’s known as “mirroring” which is a trick to copy someone’s actions without getting noticed, this makes people to unconsciously believe that you are alike them so they will easily trust your words, you will also get to learn “cross mirroring” which you can use for the same purpose.

Module 5- Embedded Commands

Here you will learn to leverage the power of words, this module will teach you the skill of formulating various commands that you can use while having a conversation to influence others with the magic of words.

Module 6- Eye Accessing Cues

Eye accessing is a very interesting technique which enables you to read a person’s mind based on his eyeball movements.

This module will help you to master this skill if you are willing to practice it. According to the author, we all move our eyeballs unconsciously in a particular direction with respect to what we are thinking. So, you can know a lot about other people’s mind by learning this stuff.

Module 9- Suggestibility Tests

You will learn the hypnosis methods that are used in stage hypnosis in this module. And various other interesting hypnotism related tricks like the pendulum hypnosis, fall back hypnosis etc.

Modules 10 and 11 are created for the dating purpose which contains various tips, methods and lessons based on hypnotism that you can use for getting better at it.

Module 12 is self hypnosis which I consider as the most important tool in hypnotism since it gives one the power to make the necessary changes in himself to get better.

Modules 15 and 16 are a must for you if you are in sales, it will give you the power to make influential sales talk and this will highly help you if you want to master the art of negotiating.

The final module is also a good one, where I found some great tips on starting a conversation that will invoke the interest of others and then being able to continue it in a way that I could direct it as I want.

The Bonus Materials

There are 6 bonus materials available with this program which includes 2 mp3 tracks for building confidence; one of these will help you to get more confidant in dating.

Other bonuses are four audio books that contain introduction to hypnosis, advanced hypnotherapy, hypnotic sales mastery and hypnosis techniques for dating. (The bonus material can change with time, so please check their product website to know what’s available now)