Steve Dotto – Paperless Office Made Easy

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Steve Dotto - Paperless Office Made Easy Steve Dotto – Paperless Office Made Easy

Learn the most effective way to go paperless

Gain control of everything!

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Brooks Duncan has coached hundreds of clients to become Paperless, and he can teach you!

We will be with you, every step of the way!

Brooks and Steve

What is in the Course? 8 Training Modules and 2 LIVE Bonus Modules

Course Outline

In the content modules we will cover all the topics listed below plus much more!

  • 1

    Getting Ready

    Starting in the middle, moving forward, and catching up.

  • 2

    Choosing and Using Your Scanner

    If you don’t have a scanner, and if you do!

  • 3


    Creating structure, system and a naming convention that works.

  • 4

    Your Paperless Workflow

    Moving your content from paper to digital, from lost to found!

  • 5

    Document Management Software

    For Windows and Mac

  • 6

    Cloud Storage

    Integrating Cloud Devices, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

  • 7

    Security and Privacy

    Protecting your data and yourself

  • 8

    Wrap Up

    Summary and anything that did not fit anywhere else

2 Outstanding LIVE Bonus Modules

8 Lessons plus 4 Bonus Modules

As a bonus you will receive access to our 2 upcoming LIVE trainings.

Each of these is a mini-course unto itself.

We are charging the public for access to these webinars, but they are included as a bonus in Paperless Office Made Easy.

Bonus Module 1

PDF Primer

PDF (Portable Document Format) is the file format we use almost exclusively for the Paperless Office. It is a full featured and rich format, which offers us some amazing benefits and opportunities.

This Bonus Module teaches you about the format, and how to take advantage of the features in it.


Going Paperless with Evernote

Evernote has become the heart of our personal productivity systems. It is also the single most valuable app in the Paperless Office.

This BOUNUS MODULE teaches the best practices for using Evernote as your main Paperless tool.

Get Steve Dotto – Paperless Office Made Easy at the fexmall

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