Shaun Overton – Simple Trade Strategies

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Shaun Overton – Simple Trade Strategies

Shaun Overton – Simple Trade Strategies

1 Basics of a Trading System
Topics covered: expectations, the if-then thought process, etc.

2 Lets Mess Up Together
We’re going to make all the common newbie mistakes together. If you’re anything like me, you only learn the hard way.

3 Ideas and Analysis
Where to find good ideas for trading systems. The best metric for determining if a strategy is better than random.

4 Tips
A collection of various tips that relate to analyzing and running a strategy.

5 Stuff That Works
Every good chef needs to eat his own cooking. This section shows a strategy that follows every guideline published in this course and that walks away a winner.

6 Position Sizing
Most people call it money management, but that term doesn’t mean much to me. Whenever I enter a trade, I need to know the risk. Position sizing is the appropriate response to opening a trade that matches my desired level of risk.

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