Sarah – Shecantrade – Day Trading Options

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Sarah – Shecantrade – Day Trading OptionsSarah – Shecantrade – Day Trading Options

Day Trading Options

Total of 4hrs

In this 4 hr course TJ will show you how he day trades options. There are opportunities at the end of the week to make a few extra trades and increase your weekly income. In this course TJ will discuss the best stocks to day trade and the strategies he uses to enter and exit the trades.

In the live trading session TJ will discuss:

  • How to pick the best stocks to day trade
  • The bonus premium available on expiration Friday
  • How options on futures can be traded just like futures
  • The strategies that are best used to day trade
  • How to spot pricing irregularities on expiration day
  • And much more…

Note: The course will be available immediately after purchase by going to Member Resources then My Courses

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