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Robert Plank - Time Management on CrackRobert Plank – Time Management on Crack

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Step 1: Online Marketing Learn From My Mistakes And Step Ahead Of The Crowd When It Comes To Marketing To Any Niche!

Discover My Marketing Shortcuts So You Don’t Waste Any Time Building Your Business

  • The only three steps you need to know for any internet marketing processno matter what niche you market in, whether you use social media, e-mail marketing, site flipping, product creation, affiliate promotions, even freelancing.
  • The little-known reason why I start and reduce the time it takes to make ANY decision by at least 80 percent whether it’s what to name my latest product, when to launch it, what to price it at, and so on.
  • One simple tactic I learned from 10 years of freelancing and 4 years of college, that the bulk of my fellow graduates DON’T employ, that ensures any time I get bored with my current project or too excited about my next one, I can launch the product and move on instantly…
  • What is the best frame of mind you can possibly have, and how I’ve used this mind state to write 25 articles in one plane ride, record 12 twenty-minute interviews in one morning, and record 50 five-minute videos in one day!

Step 2: Time Management Simplify Your Life Through Outsourcing, Delete Bad Habits & Adopt Very Simple Rules That Wishy-Washy Time Management Gurus Will Never Teach You!

Quiet Down The Noise Of Your Inner Voice… Make Decisions Faster and Work Smarter When It Comes To Time-Wasters and Management Habits!

  • How I sidestep all incoming and outgoing distractions that plague most internet marketers such as phone calls, e-mails, texting, forums, social networking, instant messaging, from just a few simple rules…
  • The EXACT way to “outsource” WITHOUT getting carried away like most people… how it costs me under $100 per month to double my productivity…
  • A secret way to justify every purchase you make… and quickly decide whether you should perform a task yourself, outsource it, or buy a canned solution!
  • The single biggest way to get more accomplished every day… HINT: it involves doing LESS, not MORE… and chances are you are making this TOO COMPLICATED if you try it yourself!
  • The only four things you need to do, ever!

Step 3: Article Writing You Too Can Make… An Article in a Commercial Break, A Handful of Articles in Under an Hour, And 12 Months of Articles in One Afternoon

  • Why you should never spend more than seven minutes writing an article… what three steps you can apply in 60 minutes to speed up your article writing time by at least 33 percent… and the five simple steps I’ve always taken, for years, that cost me $400 of research to discover!
  • How to turn one article idea into 56 different articles… enough content to fill up a year’s worth of weekly blog posts, article submissions, or e-mail follow-ups… using my unique article replication formula…
  • The easy way to edit your content by checking for four simple “red flags” so that you can turn a 20 to 100 page document rough draft into a final draft in faster than you can take a shower!
  • How to write your sales letter in lightning speed by answering the only six questions that really matter when trying to sell anything! I regularly use this formula to write sales letters in one sitting… 1000% times faster than my competition.

Step 4: Content Creation Shrink Your Blog Posting Time from 2 Hours into 15 Minutes…and Get an Increase in Quality?

  • Exactly how to use the R.A.T.G.U.M. formula to never run out of ideas for blog content… this is the exact system I use to whip up a new blog post anytime I want in 15 minutes or less (it’s usually more like 5 minutes), and why I usually have six months of blog content scheduled for all my blogs!
  • How to optimize your blog for traffic, comments and subscribers — most marketers will only optimize for two or less — but you get the checklist of everything you need to turn your blog into a money-making machine without digging through any blogging courses…
  • Instantly fill up a post-sale e-mail list with 7 days, 30 days, even 180 days of follow-ups using the P.A.I.N.T. system to super simplify autoresponder content creation…

Step 5: Videos, Products & Traffic Imagine You Creating 50 Videos In A Single Day or Even 8 Full Sales Letters In One Day…

The Best Part Is: I Did It…And Now I’m Ready to Get You to Do it Too!

  • How you can create videos quickly (includes my 5×10 approach for recording 50 videos in a day) that you can use to build up your YouTube account, submit to multiple video sites, use as pre-sell content or use as follow-up content… use it however you like!
  • How to market the videos you create and what four key elements to check for to ensure your videos are monetized for maximum effect…
  • Create a product using the articles and videos too good to give away, what to price that product at, how to package it (short report, e-book, bundle, or home study course), and how to setup your product funnel and affiliate commission… almost no thinking required!
  • Get people looking at your offers, blogs, articles and videos using the only three traffic methods you should ever care about.

This is easily the most info-packed report I have ever written… ever. This report is 100% original, not created from PLR or anything, every word is completely written by me.

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  • Recap Videos: Most of the time, when you buy an e-book, report, or video course, you are left to fend for yourself and let’s face it, you don’t finish most of the books you start reading.That’s why, after you join, I’m going to review a few pages of the report with you, every few days, to guarantee you make progress (Week 1 Bonus, 11 videos, $97 value)
  • Course Correction Videos: Instead of inventing or guessing about problems you might have with time management and productivity, I tackle the real problems you are facing.I’m going respond to a different person’s time issues each and every week, and you can snoop into our private sessions… (Week 3 Bonus, 25 videos, $97 value)
  • Bare Essence Copywriting Part 1: It’s true. You can write a sales letter quickly by answering a few questions, that’s it!I could have talked for 90 minutes given you fluff, but narrowed the essentials of copywriting down to just 20 minutes so you could absorb everything quickly! (Week 5 Bonus, 21 minutes, $47 value)
  • Bare Essence Copywriting Part 2: Watch over my shoulder as I whip up a complete sales letter in an hour, live!It’s one thing to see and hear me explain my speed copy process, but it’s exponentially more helpful when you see me apply it! (Week 6 Bonus, 61 minutes, $97 value)
  • Article Action Plan: It’s one thing to find out how I write articles so fast, and duplicate those steps for yourself, but most people don’t think just one step ahead… what you’ll do with them once you’ve finsihed.I’m going to tell you how many articles to write, how to write them in no time at all, and where to market them properly, so you can get the most mileage from your efforts… (Week 7 Bonus, 41 minutes, $47 value)
  • Motivationality: 17 more productivity milestones just in case you ever outgrow the tactics you learned in Time Management on Crack… (48 minutes, $97 value)

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Instant Bonus #1: 12 Mindset Audios

Here is one bonus only available to smart “Time Management on Crack” customers…

I’m going to give you 12 bonus audio sessions (over 1 hour each) getting you on track and keeping you on track in the following areas:

  • Audio #1: Get Your Act Together
  • Audio #2: How to Feel Better Instantly
  • Audio #3: Automate Yourself and Systematize Your Entire Life
  • Audio #4: Get Out of Survival Mode
  • Audio #5: Problem Solver Lightning Round
  • Audio #6: Exceed All Your Goals, Make Consistent Progress, and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams Using the Power of Systems
  • Audio #7: How to Stay Focused, Overcome Failure, and Finish Everything You Start
  • Audio #8: Become Productive, Excited, Energized, and Fulfilled Every Day From This Day Forward… Easily!
  • Audio #9: Manage Your State, Create Your Future, and Rewire Your Brain for Ultimate Success… No Matter What!
  • Audio #10: How to Compress Your Next 300 Days of Productivity, Action, Results, and Follow-Through into the Next 30 Days or Less
  • Audio #11: How to Achieve More, Multiply Yourself, and Double Your Productivity This Week
  • Audio #12: Become a Better Person in Just 7 Steps

Listen to these on your computer, or login to the membership site from a mobile device, as often as you want.

Instant Bonus #2: Private Facebook Productivity Group

How great would it be if you logged onto Facebook to waste time or socialize…

And a private group was there waiting for you to post your tasks and become accountable to a private community?

Time Management on Crack members get access to our “Four Daily Tasks” Facebook group to make sure you’re completing money making tasks (instead of just being “busy”) and making consistent progress with your business and your life every single day.

Instant Bonus #3: 80-Page Printed Manual

It’s one thing for me to share with you the mindset techniques, productivity strategies and habits, and step by step “rinse and repeat” systems that I’ve used to achieve success online…

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