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Rob Wiser – Passive Income Breakthrough

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Meet Rob Wiser:  Entrepreneur, Author and Multi-Million Dollar Online Marketer

Now Sharing  His “Shortcut Formula” For Raking In Thousands of Dollars Per Week With Simple, Do-It-Yourself Digital Products (Even If Your 88-Year-Old Grandma Knows More About Computers Than You Do…)

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This step-by-step, all-digital course puts you on the inside track to making serious, consistent money with digital products and online marketing.

It’s the only course that shows you how to quickly create a product in ANY niche, and get it online and available for purchase with no technical “know-how” required…

With me as your personal coach and guide, taking you “behind the curtain” of my own seven-figure collection of online businesses.

Passive Income Breakthrough provides you with a series of Video Training Modules which explain my entire product creation and money-making process, step by step.

And the rave reviews have been rolling in ever since… ​

Here’s Why Your ROI (Return On Investment) With Digital Products Can Be Flat-Out Insane…

  • You don’t need to ship anything in the mail, or re-stock your inventory. The transaction happens online, and the customer downloads their product direct from your website.
  • You don’t need to process the payments, or deal with annoying customers. I’ll show you how to get set up on an amazing, free online sales platform that handles it all FOR you.
  • No need to pay employees, or rent a store or office space.  Your “business” is your website!
    • The Internet Never Sleeps: Your product is available for sale 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • I can show you how to get your digital product created for a few hundred dollars. Once you put it online, it can sell FOREVER – and you never run out of copies, because it’s a simple digital file!
  • There’s virtually ZERO overhead, no risk on your part, and the potential for unlimited passive income.
  • Once you know how to create one product and release it, you can do it again with as many products and topics as you wish. (Earn some nice spare money with one product, or be like me and build your own “digital product empire.”)

Get Rob Wiser – Passive Income Breakthrough at the fexmall

And Here’s Where It Gets Even Better…

Instead of struggling to get your product noticed somewhere like Amazon, YOU can drive traffic towards your own website AND get traffic from affiliates.

Not sure what an affiliate is?

That’s ok, in a second, I’ll lay it out for you…and when I do, you’ll be VERY happy to know they exist…

I’m also going to show you how you to whip up an entire automated Sales Funnel that can sell more than one product at a time and triple or even quadruple your profits.

When you’ve got a Sales Funnel, your product is just your “front end.”

Once someone buys it, you can take them through a series of OTHER offers, so they spend more money with you. Such as…

  • Related Products
  • Personalized Coaching
  • High End Upsells
  • A Monthly Membership Program

Because You Just Need To Follow 3 Steps…

  • Step One: Laser Targeted Niche Research. I’ll show you how to be a “marketing sniper” and choose a niche that’s filled with hordes of hungry buyers who will CRAVE a product like yours.
  • Step Two: Use my Rapid-Fire Product Creation Formula. You’ll get your product online fast, with minimal effort. I’ll even share my “lazy guy’s formula” for outsourcing the whole project for pennies on the dollar. And, I’ll teach you my “black belt” copywriting tactics so that you’ve got a sales page on your website that persuades people to whip out their credit cards and click on the “Buy Now” button.
  • Step Three: Create An Affiliate Feeding Frenzy. Affiliates are “middle men,” basically. They’re online marketers who are looking for products to promote and earn money with. Affiliates spend their time and money to send YOU traffic. In return, they get paid a percentage of every sale they make of your product.

This Is Why Creating Simple Digital Products Can Be Your Fast Track To Wealth:

Get Ready To Dive Into the Deep End and Discover…

* The Rapid-Fire Product Creation Formula.

Forget about slaving away a long ebook or shelling out a bunch of money to shoot fancy videos. I’ll show you a secret method that gets all the hard work done for you.

* How To Create Supersonic Sales Letters and Videos.

Get my personal copywriting tricks and techniques for creating a powerful and persuasive sales letter to “pitch” your product on your website. You’ll learn how to use psychological “trigger words” to push all the right emotional buttons, to convince people to take action and BUY your product.

These simple but astonishingly powerful tips will bring your sales pages to life, grab your reader’s attention, and make them think they’d be crazy to NOT give your product a try…

​* Sales Multiplier Tactics so that you convert your website visitors into buyers, and rapidly build your email list with dozens or even hundreds of new subscribers every day…

(This is one of the “hidden keys” to enjoying long-term online. Imagine writing an email and sending it out instantly to thousands or tens of thousands of people, to tell them about your new product…this is when it becomes easy to make thousands of dollars in a single day…)

Then, I’ll take you by the hand and show you…

* How To Create An Affiliate Feeding Frenzy.

Imagine taking the traffic that comes to your website right now and multiplying it by a THOUSAND.

Do you think you’d make more money?

Hell Yes You Would!

That’s the power of getting affiliate marketers salivating over your product and all the money they can make by promoting it to the masses.

Now, let’s stop right here and clarify that…

This army of affiliates may or may not be your best friends, in some cases they might not even know your name, but they WILL know which offers out there turn THEIR traffic into money because that is what’s important for them.

So let them use their hard work and expertise to blast traffic to YOUR sales page every day.

They’ll gladly do it—IF you use the “Affiliate Feeding Frenzy Formula” inside Passive Income Breakthrough to give them the right reasons to.

And That’s Just the Tip Of the Iceberg When You Unlock the Secrets Inside Passive Income Breakthrough.

Just picture what this means for a moment…

It means feeling EXCITED about making money online, and making it look easy.

Mostly because it IS…

It means TAKING CONTROL of your financial destiny and having the keys to make as much money as you want with online marketing.

(Because once you follow my roadmap and create one successful product, you can easily make another…)

And Passive Income Breakthrough is the only course where mega-successful online marketers take you inside their business to show you their actual accounts…their sales funnels…and explain HOW they create and sell products in different niches.

And When You Act Now, I’ll Even Throw In These High-Powered Extra Free Bonuses…

Rapid-Fire Product Creation ($497 value): Swipe all of my secret shortcuts for getting your product made extra-fast and cheap…even if you don’t want to write a book, and even if you aren’t an expert on your topic.

Product Persuasion ($397 value): Once your digital product is ready to sell, discover how to create a simple (but insanely effective) “sales page” where you tell people about your digital product, and what it can do for them.

You’ll know how to use hypnotic language and “trigger words” that influence, persuade, and convince people that they need your product. (Or, that they would be seriously missing out if they don’t buy it right now!)

Outsourcing Secrets ($297 value): You also get my closely-guarded strategies for finding and hiring overseas workers to handle ANY (or all) of the tasks you need to get done, to set up your digital your product and run your business. Discover how to pay a few bucks to a worker in developing countries, and have them do the work FOR you.

Clickbank Insider ($347 value): is the world’s #1 digital product marketplace, where hundreds of millions of customers from around the world purchase billions of dollars worth of digital products.

As an elite-level “Platinum member” of Clickbank, I know hidden tricks and features of 98% of digital product creators do NOT know about. Watch over my shoulder and let me reveal them to you, so you can turbo-charge your sales.

And as a final bonus, I’m even going to throw in Free Lifetime Updates.

You won’t see me releasing an updated “2.0 version” of this course and asking you to pay for it again. Each time a new version is released, you will be notified via email so you can download all of the newest modules and updates for free. 

(This is just the beginning of my journey into the “How to build a business on the internet” space. The rest of the time I’m actually doing it, so expect a TON of value from this one bonus alone…)

Get Rob Wiser – Passive Income Breakthrough at the fexmall



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