Optionpit – Options for Long Term Trading & Hedging

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Optionpit – Options for Long Term Trading & HedgingOptionpit – Options for Long Term Trading & Hedging

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This Special Course will give traders actionable tools to invest and hedge with options.  Many traders are astounded to learn that there are ways to use options to increase portfolio yield and reduce P&L volatility while eliminating the risk of catastrophic loss on a large market move.   In this 3 hour primer Mark Sebastian Founder of Option Pit and Andrew Giovinazzi C.O.O. of Option Pit teach traders:

  • Make more profits risking fewer dollars
  • Master the replacement of stock with options
  • Learn how to use options to execute swing and day trades
  • Ramp up put and call overlay strategies
  • Buy market bottoms and sell market tops
  • Execute high probability trades with options
  • Master portfolio hedging and risk management
  • Manage the risk associated with the buying and selling of options

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