NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course!

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NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course!NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course!

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Benefits of NLP Master Practitioner Course

Guaranteed Results:

NLP Master Practitioner will fully Unleash your power for success & happiness. You will finally remove all the blockages that have been holding you back, and you’ll create massive results for your coaching clients

Personal Development & Self Discovery:

As Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner helps you deepen your journey into self-awareness, consciousness and enlightenment, you will go even deeper and re-program your unconscious beahviours & programs. This allows you to effortlessly achieve all your goals

Be the Best Version of Yourself:

As you master yourself, you become an inspiration to others. With the tools and understanding from this NLP Master Course, you can accelerate your own success & happiness. As you align your values towards achieving greater success, you motivate and inspire all the people you care about by being a Role Model. You show them a better way to live and grow.

World Class Coach:

With three internationally recognised and accredited Master certifications, this is the best value training in Asia. To be the best, you must learn from the best, and this is what you can expect with your NLP Master Trainer, Sebastien Leblond.

NLP Master Practitioner Course Agenda

DAY 1: Paradigm Shift

A quick review of the NLP Practitioner learnings prepares us to dive deeper into the mechanics of the mind and how we process information. We’ll learn the scientific understanding of the neurology of our mind & body and how we can create amazing results by simply changing our FOCUS. With this shift in consciousness, we become more acutely aware how we are the creator of our own Life.

Day 2 – Quantum Linguistics

This day takes us further into the use of Conscious Language. We’ll explore Cartesian logic, which is a problem solving technique dating back hundreds of years. You’ll also learn about Inductive & Deductive Reasoning, to help you win arguements and conflicts with others. Finally, you’ll learn state of the art negotiation skills to help you get that promotion, land that big deal, or influence a key decision maker.

Day 3 – Mechanics of Personality

Why are we all different? How can we motivate different people, with different personalities, different cultures, and different ‘maps of the world’? Here, we learn the different personality types, their strengths, their weaknesses and a set of tools you can use to motivate and harness the best potential in yourself & others. Einstein once said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Day 4 – Re-Program Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs is the biggest obstacles that hold us back from Success & Happiness. During this day, we identify and remove our Limiting Beliefs. These unconscious programs run in the background, just like an Operating System. A Limiting Belief is like a virus that slows ALL programs down, so here, we learn to remove the ‘virus’ at the conscious & unconscious level. Then, we can install the ‘software upgrade’ to unleash our full potential.

Day 5 – Your Life Compass

The other biggest unconscious block in our minds is de-aligned Values. If our values are not aligned with the goals we wish to achieve in Life, then we will sub-consciously sabotage our own efforts. Here you will first identify your values hierarchy, and then choose if you would like to reprogram your values to accelerate your success.

Day 6 – Strategic Success

Just like a recipe to make a cake, we can follow strategies for Success & Happiness. The process starts with Modeling…find a role model that has achieved success in the area of Life that you wish to improve. As you model their actions, their thoughts & beliefs, you will accelerate your results, and realise your dreams much more quickly. Then, we also have our own internal strategies for decision making, thinking & feeling. Take control of your strategies and turn that vanilla sponge cake into a fine dining experience!

Day 7 – Ultimate Influence

Effective Presentations are a very necessary skill, whether you are selling good or services, training a room full of eager students, coaching an executive or leading a boardroom meeting. Learn to fully engage all members of the audience, plus a few additional techniques on influencing and overcoming objections.

Day 8 – NLP Breakthrough Coaching Session

The final day of the Master Practitioner brings all the NLP techniques together and shows you how to conduct a ‘real life’ coaching session. This technique is used by coaches earning a 7-figure income, and now you too will learn the strategy for coaching success. In addition to coaching your client, you will also conduct an NLP intervention, to help them remove blockages and accelerate the journey towards Success & Happiness.