Neeraj - All Things Ecom - Million $ Christmas

Neeraj – All Things Ecom – Million $ Christmas

Get Neeraj – All Things Ecom – Million $ Christmas at the fexmall

Actual Cost $5000. Price Now is $997. After above timer expires, Discount will be lowered and cost will be $1999. Later Discount Will be Lowered Again & Cost will be $3000.Complete Case study & Course

A Complete Journey for $1M in Christmas

How to sell custom shirts

How to setup store

What apps to setup

How to make it converting

How to make extra 10% from your traffic

How to take orders and fulfill

How to not to do $200k worth mistakes

How to setup helpdesk

All Secrets Revealed

All New Updates

How to make it a lifetime business

How to setup SMS campaigns with twilio

How to scale your ads

How to save 20-25% on Fulfillment

How to manage your store perfectly

Get Neeraj – All Things Ecom – Million $ Christmas at the fexmall

How to manage chargeback and accounts

5 Hours Live Walkthrough

Complete Course will be included

&&& Expect More like group support and free designs.

Cost: $5000. No Gimmick of $4997 lol.

Early Bird Price will be just $500 till 15 July and it will keep increasing every day till $5k. Launch Date: 15 Aug. I will keep it to limited people only.

Enroll Me. I Am A Hardworking Guy/Gal. I Don’t Believe In Quick Rich Schemes. I Am In This For Long. I Am Honored To Be Part Of This. Cost $5000. Early Bird Price, Depends Upon Date.

I Am Not The Guy Who Wants Spoon Feeding. I Understand What I Am Buying. I Understand There Is No Promise Or Guarantee Of Same Results. No REFUNDS. Today s Cost- $997 Only Till 25th August 2017. The Cost Will Be $2000 After That And Discount Will Keep Decreasing With Time.

Here’s what I’m going to oFFer you right now:

IF you’re ready to dominate your competition and finally master selling t-shirts and print on demand with Shopify™, then you need to join the Million $ Christmas Coaching Program.

I want to teach you the strategies that are working right now so you can take full advantage of the incredible business opportunity that is T-Shirts/Print on Demand.

If You Are Ready To Change Your Life And Finally See Results From Your Business This Is Exactly For You        

Get Neeraj – All Things Ecom – Million $ Christmas at the fexmall

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