Michael Golzmane – Clearing The Trauma Of Incarnating

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Michael Golzmane - Clearing The Trauma Of IncarnatingMichael Golzmane – Clearing The Trauma Of Incarnating

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Did you really want to come into this lifetime?  For many, the answer is “not really”.  None of us get forced to incarnate, yet many of us come in kicking and screaming, realizing that there are going to be many challenges, problems, and issues to face in human life.

The energy of “not wanting to be here”, even if it’s way below the surface of your mind and soul, will severely limit specifically your abilities to manifest money and other possessions, manifest satisfying work, and manifest a healthy body.

In this 65-minute clearing we clear on the following topics:

  • To what extent do I desire to be present in my physical body and in this physical incarnation?
  • What percent did I (and do I now) desire to actually be in this incarnation? (This answer may surprise you!)
  • To what extent do I consider my body a safe place to dwell?
  • What percent blocked is my:
    • acceptance of this life?
    • ability to discern my higher calling?
    • desire to live for something greater than myself?
    • my ability to experience joy, love, fulfillment, and peace while incarnated?
  • What percent do I feel part of some greater mission/plan?
  • What percent resonant am I with the trauma of incarnating?

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