Love Systems – Beyond Words – The Ait of Body Language ft Physical Escalation

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Love Systems - Beyond Words - The Ait of Body Language ft Physical EscalationLove Systems – Beyond Words – The Ait of Body Language ft Physical Escalation

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This DVD home study course from Love Systems experts Cajun and Vercetti is designed to show men how to improve their body language so they can better approach and attract women.

Disc 1-

The first disc is the introduction to body language. For those of us that have been in the game for a while this stuff will mostly be review. A lot of it can be found in Magic Bullets and other resources in some form or another.

However, the advantage the DVD is that it’s completely different to read about body language and SEE the body language. Being able to see Vercetti take the students through the basics of body language step by step can be a good refresher for anyone.

The highlight of the first disc for me was when Vercetti used a mask to cover any facial expressions whatsoever. Then he adopted different postures and asked the crowd what impressions they got. With this demonstration he showed how the impressions you give off to those around you with your body language can immediately [affect] how they view you.

You can be seen as nervous or awkward for example, before you even say a word. In this same light, you can be the most confident person in the world by simply walking into a venue in a confident manner. It truly can have a huge impact on your game without having to memorize any routines.

Disc 2-

Disc 2 covers eye contact, voice, movement and touch. I think the take-home point from this disc that Vercetti establishes is that body language is more than just your body.

It is everything that you communicate with besides the actual words you say, so this disc focuses on those points. He discusses when and how much eye contact is appropriate and also how to harness your true voice from deeper than your chest or nasal cavity.

On that point, throughout disc 1 and 2 Vercetti leads the class through practical exercises and stretches to aid in body language and voice control. I found them all to be well-taught and have real applications.

Disc 3-

In disc three 5.0 takes over to discuss physical escalation as well as the different types of touching: social, friendly, romantic, and sexual. For anyone that has read Magic Bullets this will all seem very familiar.

However, in the same way MB discussed body language , it is helpful to see examples of the different types of touches (especially if this is something you’re having trouble with.) What I found to be especially useful was when 5.0 discussed ways to transition and bridge gaps between the different kinds of touch to make everything seem more fluid and natural.

He even highlights a few physical routines (such as the spin routine) that are fun and easy to have success with in field.

Disc 4-

Disc 4 covers the advanced topics of restraint, sexual presence, subtext and mystique. In this disc Cajun takes over and from the get go it’s apparent that this stuff is called advanced for a reason.

Whether it was Cajun taking a bit of time to get warmed up or me taking a while for things to start registering, it’s longer into this disc before the usefulness becomes apparent. Actually, for those who may purchase the set I would recommend this: practice the skills in the set disc by disc in that logical order.

If you can have solid practice and understanding of disc 1-3 by the time you reach this one, Cajun ‘s topics will take your game to the next level. In this sense, I would personally argue that disc 4 had the best information, but it can really only be harnessed once a person has at least solid understanding of disc 1-3.

Now all that being said, Cajun is a great speaker and it’s not like the topics are cryptic. In fact, I thought he was the best at creating analogies and real-life examples for the topics he discussed. I’ll never forget the video of the man confronting the lions in Africa.

The way he talks about subtext and mystic is great because for him it’s about fucking with people and having fun in your interactions. Overall this was my favorite information in the set and has been the most useful with my game.

Bonus Disc 1-

Keychain leads the discussion in the first disc on rapid escalation. This talk wasn’t AS long or detailed as some of the other information. However, I found his philosophy on the subject to be incredibly simple and eye-opening . The take away for me was “respect her limits, but don’t be afraid to push yours.”

In other words, are you not progressing physically because you are afraid to move past her comfort zone, or because you are afraid to move past yours? Keychain shows how to quickly judge a woman’s compliance and to move towards the kiss-close just as fast. If she’s okay with making out and you want to, then why not!? There’s no REAL time limit on it.

In his second talk Keychain briefly covers Day Game . All very good information, but I’m not as familiar with it so I won’t discuss it as much. Overall I found Keychain to be relatable and he uses his sense of humor well to keep the crowd interested.

Bonus Disc 2-
On the first half of this disc Vercetti comes back to talk about inner game and beliefs. This is a huge subject in and of itself, but I think he hits the most important point for the seminar in teaching how to eliminate negative beliefs. By getting rid of what’s holding our game back and replacing it with positive we can achieve greater success with any task.

Next Cajun talks about his experience with online game and creating profiles. This shit’s awesome, it’s hilarious, and it works. That’s all I gotta say about that. Cajun rocked this one.

Bonus Disc 3-
Lastly with the set there was a brief Q&A session for some of the students hosted by Vercetti and Cajun . Nothing more than some basic questions here from some of the guys at the conference. Worth watching in case you have one of the same questions as one of them I suppose.

Sorry this was incredibly long guys, but as far as home products go I believe this one is the most expensive so I wanted to be detailed to help you make your choice. Overall I would say this was definitely worth the purchase. It’s the closest you can come to going to a seminar without actually being there and it’s a fraction of the price for broke ass college guys like me.

Tons of practical stuff to use right away and a little tougher stuff to step it up to the next level when you think you’re ready. The bonuses only sweeten the deal by taking the most important pieces of big topics and presenting them to you ready to be used. I was happy to see the instructors practice what they preach with their awesome body language , voice, conversation skills and confidence. I will probably watch these DVDs several times as I go back to work on things.