Leading Edge of Meditation – Thomas Huebl

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Leading Edge of Meditation - Thomas Huebl

Leading Edge of Meditation – Thomas Huebl

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Do you want to enter more blissful and expansive states of spiritual awakening AND become more grounded, present and effective in the world?

What if your meditation practice brought you more than the usual cycle of “peak” experiences followed by the disappointment of returning to everyday reality and feeling like nothing much has changed?

The next level of meditation practice means you can learn to expand your conscious capacity for higher insight, subtle perceptions and spiritual realization — while at the same time navigating your daily life with more presence, clarity and love.

It is a meditative path for urban mystics, integral yogis and modern spiritual practitioners with careers, families and other worldly responsibilities, who still have a burning desire for transformation and enlightenment.

The good news is that such a path can be even more accelerated and powerful than the traditional contemplative path for monastics and yogis — IF you know how to access the higher states, integrate your practice into your daily life and work with natural rhythms of fiery engagement, calm witnessing and deep restoration.

Just like any endeavor, meditation has different levels of mastery and depth. There are gross, subtle and causal levels of experience that need to be navigated, and each requires balance, integration and discernment so we don’t become spaced out, inflated or hypersensitive.

We need to discern when we are meditating too much or in the wrong way. And when we’re avoiding the challenges of relationship, work or life.

As you learn to master more advanced stages of meditation, you can start to embody your spiritual awakening for real, embracing the sweetness of stillness, heights of bliss, and intensity of shadow work at the same time you bring presence and awareness to your daily tasks.

Advanced meditation practices can thus be the rocket fuel to propel you into an extraordinary life of love, meaning and joy.

Yet, ultimately, the spiritual path is not just about attaining higher and more blissful experiences but about building the competencies that allow you to move through life in a wiser, more loving, and aware way — even when faced with all the challenges and stressors of the modern world.

In this special course with spiritual teacher Thomas Huebl, you’ll receive precise insights and practices that help you enter, navigate and integrate advanced states, as well as ground these openings in your daily life and relationships.

Thomas will share fascinating examples from his own journey of awakening that will inspire your own, as well as help you avoid common pitfalls for advanced seekers.

If you’ve ever felt that you’re “too sensitive” to the world’s denser vibrations or that it is sometimes difficult to be around “less conscious” people, Thomas will show you how you are probably getting too attached to higher consciousness while subtly rejecting the “lower” — which actually cripples your practice.

When you practice advanced states of meditation correctly, competence, bliss and responsibility can all go hand-in-hand.

The leading edge of meditation is about integrating light and shadow, ascent and embodiment, inner exploration with full outer engagement and solo time with spiritual community. It requires an understanding of inner body awareness, subtle energy competence, and how to integrate psychology and spirituality.

On this leading edge, we enter into one coherent dance of awakening that becomes an offering to the Divine within and outside us.

The Power of an Authentic Teacher

If you’re not yet familiar with Thomas, this rare mystical guide has been blazing a path of 21st century spiritual practice and helping thousands of students around the world to live their awakening in the midst of a complex world.

Thomas is one of the fastest rising stars in modern spirituality, among sincere practitioners and thought leaders alike.
His down-to-earth approach to living, uncompromising clarity and commitment to help others fully awaken make Thomas one of the most engaging teachers of our time.

His unique approach to spiritual transformation in everyday life exudes a clarity of presence and transmission. Intuitive and direct, his teachings cut like a laser light to the essence of the matter.

If you are called to an authentically awakened life, this is the online program for you. Thomas will explore gross, subtle and causal meditation practices, as well as leading-edge spiritual topics like subtle body competence and global “social witnessing.”

You’re in for a fascinating new adventure in consciousness, in which you will learn:

  • How to integrate deep spiritual openings into your daily life
  • To access the inner light that connects you to higher intelligence
  • Practices that help expand the energy of your lower energy centersfor more stability as you open to the “heights”
    of realization
  • How to navigate shadow material that invariably arises in your practice
  • Meditation techniques for inner balance in a fast-moving world
  • How to cleanse your inner world on a regular basis
  • Learn to distinguish the different levels of stillness
  • The potential to work with collective fields of karma, energy
    and intention
  • How to metabolize and transform karma
  • How to remedy becoming ungrounded, vague and unfocused
  • The importance of embodiment and relationships in the next level of meditation
  • To transcend “me-focused” meditation practice and recognize your part in the whole

If you’ve had a taste of authentic awakening, you know in your heart the kind of life that is possible when you finally start living every day rooted in the expansive freedom, presence and truth of your authentic self.

Thomas can guide you to open the higher realms, navigate common challenges and integrate your awakening in your daily life, leading to the fulfillment you’ve hungered for.

Greater Connection through Live Streaming Video

As a special addition to this course, Thomas will be live-streaming video of his teaching sessions, so that you can have an even more powerful connection and transmission. This live video connection will be easy to use and will greatly increase your learning and transformation.

Get Leading Edge of Meditation – Thomas Huebl at the fexmall

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

In this 7-week transformational program, you’ll learn the spiritual skills and competencies to take your daily meditation practice to the next level — expanding areas you have been working in and addressing those you’ve yet to experience.

Each weekly LIVE contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to sustain your awakening.

Module 1: Laying the Groundwork for Advanced Meditation & Prayer:

Shifting from Gross to Subtle to Causal Levels

In this first session, Thomas will illumine the main principles of meditation, prayer and contemplation and how they relate to two major states of being: Stillness and Movement. He’ll also describe the four dimensions of human consciousness and how to begin consciously shifting in and out of them when you’re in prayer, meditation and contemplation.

During the first live session, you’ll:

  • Find powerful practices for living a meditative life in the everyday world.
  • Discover the main principles of meditation, contemplation and prayer.
  • Come to understand the two major principles of spiritual development: Stillness and Movement.
  • Learn how to recognize and shift among four dimensions of human consciousness — gross, subtle, causal and nondual.

Module 2: Cleansing Meditation for Psychological Health

Just as antibiotics were a breakthrough for modern medicine, meditation is a breakthrough for the stressors of modern life that continually endanger your body, mind and spirit and affect society overall. Unexpressed energies and accumulated karma need to be cleansed. Advanced meditation help you release inner distress that leads to burnout as well as the breakdown of our social systems. It’s like “taking a shower” for our inner and outer worlds!

In this second live training with Thomas, you will:

  • Find meditation techniques for inner balance in a fast-moving world.
  • Learn how to cleanse your inner world on a regular basis.
  • Discover potent insights rooted in new and ancient wisdom that can enable you to meet life’s challenges without losing your center.

Module 3: Developing Inner Body Competency

Inner body awareness is one of the major principles of advanced meditation practice. In Week 3, Thomas will guide you through your physical, emotional and mental selves to develop and refine your capacity for greater mental and emotional clarity to anchor you more fully in everyday life.

In this session, you will:

  • Develop “inner body” competencies that help anchor you in everyday life.
  • Begin to relate to life through this inner body awareness and, as a result, experience more presence in all of your activities.
  • Learn how to receive information from your inner body that gives you more emotional and mental clarity.

Module 4: From Stillness to Inner Spaciousness to Deep Absorption

In Week 4, Thomas will guide you in dropping into the state of inner spaciousness and becomeing aware of ever deeper levels of absorption that can eventually lead to a breakthrough in non-dual awareness. He’ll also explore causal consciousness and the different stages of stillness. You will:

  • Discover how stillness begins with inner space.
  • Learn how to distinguish the different levels of stillness.
  • Work with the subtle qualities of absorption and causal consciousness.
  • Come to understand that “not knowing” is, in fact, your highest source of wisdom.
  • Find powerful practices for navigating challenges on the way to inner spaciousness.

Module 5: Entering Realms of Higher Knowing & Light

What is subtle, higher consciousness? And how does light determine the content and quality of our future? Thomas will answer these profound questions and guide you in a powerful “light” meditation practice, helping you to open a channel of deeper knowing, inspiration and interconnectedness. You will:

  • Access the inner light that connects to higher intelligence.
  • Explore your higher self and the different levels of higher consciousness.
  • Experience an acceleration of evolution through inner light.
  • Discover the effects light meditation can have on time and, particularly, on the future.

Module 6: Global Social Witnessing: Opening to the Heart of Humanity

Meditation and contemplation are paths to interior consciousness and a fully open heart that is the source of profound change in human consciousness. The practice of ”global social witnessing” is key to creating a world that is awake and effectively responsive to events. It allows for beneficial expression of emotional energy and prevents the accumulation of more karma.

In this session with Thomas, you will:

  • Build your capacity for global social witnessing through interior awareness.
  • Begin to transcend “me-focused” meditation practice and recognize your part in the whole.
  • Help awaken social consciousness to more presence and healing.

Module 7: Applying Your Meditation in Everyday Life & Navigating Common Pitfalls

As you access more blissful realms that can be the fruits of advanced meditation, it’s easy to lose groundedness and focus in daily life. In this final live session, Thomas will show you how to navigate the pitfalls associated with higher levels of consciousness — and how to actually use these challenges as touchstones for your awakening.

In this last session, you’ll:

  • Learn to live a truly contemplative life in the midst of the perceived limitations of others and situations that may seem “banal” or a waste of time.
  • Increase your ability to bring awareness to everyday reality so that you are grounded and focused even in the midst of new higher states of being.
  • Come to recognize and avoid the pitfalls of your meditative practice.
  • Develop a Sangha to continue growing your competencies for your own — and the world’s — awakening.

Optional Small Group Practice Sessions

The support of exploring what is learned in small groups is one of Thomas’ foundational tools, so we will give you the option to connect with others and set up regular times for meeting to deepen into your learning together. This small group time is vital to truly integrate the awakening shifts that you will undergo and our staff will help you to find and establish triads, ideally near to you geographically. While not mandatory, your practice will be assisted and advanced with this additional bonus feature, empowering you to come out with more enduring and stable shifts in your awareness.

Plus Powerful Mentoring Support

Additionally, as an added bonus Thomas will have his most advanced students play an active role in this course. While there can be a tendency to focus just on the singular spiritual teacher, this aspect of engagement with other advanced practitioners is particularly helpful in integrating and embodying the shifts, often clarifying distinctions and helping you to work through places of challenge on your path with more support.

Not only will you have the regularly scheduled calls with Thomas, but you’ll also be able to attend additional smaller group mentoring calls with Thomas’ senior students. We believe these groups will provide important support and a compassionate container for the powerful and inspiring material coming through the teachings.

These senior student-led mentoring calls will give you the opportunity to engage more actively and intensively in the work, share experiences and insights, ask questions and explore Thomas’s teachings and their impact more deeply.

Get Leading Edge of Meditation – Thomas Huebl at the fexmall

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