Julie Renee – Your Quantum Healing Secrets

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Product Include : 17 MP4s, 26 MP3s, 14 PDFs
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Julie Renee - Your Quantum Healing SecretsJulie Renee – Your Quantum Healing Secrets

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Here’s what’s included:

This System Includes:

  • 9 modules each with it’s own unique and powerful training – Valued separately at $3,000
  • Your Quantum Healing Secrets Ebook Value – Value $29.97
  • Bonus #1 – Karma Clearing – Value $79.00
  • Bonus #2 – No More Ghosts – Value $79.00
  • Bonus #3 – How to Meditate Effectively – Value $39.00
  • Bonus Video Meditation – Priceless


Nine Training Modules


Module One
Helps You Profoundly ~ Deeply Heal Your Brain

Learn how to regenerate cells in the brain so you can get better sleep, grow younger and have overall better function of body chemistry!


Module Two
3 Secrets of Miraculous Healings and Building New Cells

Discover how to experience greater health and well-being, as well as reverse aging. You’ll learn to lower stress and live happier.

Module Three
Powerfully Rewrite your DNA Script

Remove harmful DNA and remove any negative health conditions that you’re predisposed to. You’ll be able to live a healthy long life and relax vibrant and free from worry.

Module Four
Restore Balance & Joy to Your Life ~ Happy Hormone for men too!

You’ll get into balance chemically while you tune up your 11 glands and organs that make up the endocrine system. Happy Hormones will help you rejuvenate the key hormonal players of getting better sleep, metabolism, muscle tone, vitality, improved sex drive, better skin and calmer nerves.

Module Five
See Your Extraordinary Life Clearly – You Can Heal Your Vision

Imagine not having to wear glasses again. You’ll learn to regenerate the eye lens, optic nerve and visual cortex so you have 100% restored vision.

Module Six
Dynamism Restoring Everything in You That Produces Vitality and Power!

You’ll restore all 15 centers of power vitality and energy in your body, bringing you to your most vibrant self. Imagine what you can do as you affirm – and then are able to live – “I am Powerful Beyond Measure”!

Module Seven
Clearing PainWhether you suffer from ongoing pain or infrequently experience a headache, you’ll learn the tools to lower and eliminate pain from your daily life.

Module Eight
Clearing the Love Organs and Glands

Clear and regenerate your love glands and organs – including your heart, pancreas and emotional brain – to their very best. Watch self love rise to new heights and your ability to love and be loved go to full expression.

Module Nine
Clearing and Regenerating the Glands of the Brain

You’ll get to be a fly on the wall watching a training while I teach my students how to regenerate the glands of the brain. You’ll learn both how to conceptualize the function and purpose of the glands and how to actually do the cell regeneration in this wonderful training. You’ll feel more focused and clear, rest more deeply, reset your director of chemistry and even grow younger as you participate in this amazing module.

Meditation Video ~ Quantum Mindset Mastery Workshop Meditation

Filmed for a Hollywood audience, this 12-minute video will give you confidence and certainty in your ability to make great decisions.

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