Judy Satori – Mastery of Mind: Day 3 – Regeneration

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Judy Satori - Mastery of Mind: Day 3 - RegenerationJudy Satori – Mastery of Mind: Day 3 – Regeneration

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These audio tracks are Part Three of a three day Mastery of Mind process. For optimal results you should complete all the part one and part two audio tracks first as they are foundational for part three transmissions.

When you listen to these audio recordings, you will continue a process of alchemical and consciousness change begun with Part One audio transmissions. Reported outcomes are greater joy, a release of limiting and sabotaging beliefs, an awakenings of soul memory, profound clearing at a cellular level, and of course … greater Mastery of Mind.

Listen to the audio tracks in the order listed below as the process of change is progressive. Each audio track builds on the one before. Take as much time as you wish to work through the recordings and listen at your convenience. You can listen again to any audio tracks that appeal to you, or that you feel require more attention.

  • Track 1 Troth: The Art and Secrets of Regeneration
  • Track 2 St. Germain: Why physical regeneration is now becoming possible
  • Track 3 A New Beginning: activating dormant DNA
  • Track 4 Coming Home: Telepathic connection with multidimensional realities
  • Track 5 Goddess Tara: Energy Words of New Creation – Tara Sanctuary
  • Track 6 Lyran transmissions: Improved Mastery of Mind and mental acuity
  • Track 7 Thoth: The Wisdom of old Atlantis – Soul memory reconnection
  • Track 8 Thoth: Miracles and Magic – Using the mind to create
  • Track 9 Thoth: Alchemy – The Secret of Secrets – new physical creation
  • Track 10 Thoth: Alchemy – The heart chakra – bridge to higher consciousness
  • Track 11 Thoth & Merlin/St. Germain: Alchemy – sparking new life in the cells
  • Track 12 Thoth & Merlin/St. Germain – The secret of life in the body
  • Track 13 The fulfillment of a Promise and a Prophecy

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