Juanita Ott – Take Back Your Power

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Juanita Ott - Take Back Your PowerJuanita Ott – Take Back Your Power

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This is a very powerful set of 48 charts and I’m excited that I have finally finished this booklet. I have been working on these charts and the concept of Negative Imprints for years, and I have personally been dowsing and clearing Negative Imprints for many years.

When I first started dowsing years ago, I would dowse every night before bed to clear all Negative Imprints/Thoughtforms that I would accumulate throughout the day, long before I ever created my first chart.

Naturally, Negative Imprints was a chart I created for my first book, and since that book was published I have worked on collecting more items for the Negative Imprints Chart. For More Information and to view a table of contents please visit mirrorwaters.com/TBYP