Jon Benson – Every Other Day Diet Deluxe

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Jon Benson - Every Other Day Diet DeluxeJon Benson – Every Other Day Diet Deluxe

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There are three primary plans in the Every Other Day Diet program:

1. Primer – This is the most flexible of the three programs, and allows you to essentially eat whatever you want every other day.

2. Lifestyle – The maintenance program, recommended after the initial primer phase. There are only two “feed days” here, meaning that you can only eat whatever you want for these two days.

3. Extreme – The most strict of the three plans and is meant for athletes and bodybuilders.

Benson recommends that you start with the Primer plan where you can eat what you want every other day. After a certain period (once specific weight loss goals are met) you should move to the Lifestyle plan, which restricts “feed” days to only two per week.

Benson also outlines three caveats to his program. Most weight loss programs hype the results you will see from following their diet guidelines. Benson takes a much more realistic approach by making it clear that his program will only work if:

1. You are dedicated to succeed.

2. You must incorporate some type of exercise program. Any weight loss program that does not include exercise is a scam, as exercise is the single most effective method of burning fat.

3. You must be realistic. The weight is not going to come off overnight. Set your goals so that they are reasonable and attainable.

So, if you are committed to following the plan, exercise, and have realistic goals, you will lose weight. Under this plan, the caloric cycling will ensure that you will lose weight fast. Benson’s research into the workings of the human metabolism are spot on and have been proven in multiple studies. Leveraging the metabolism’s fat burning abilities is an effective way to control your weight.

So, forget about fasting to lose weight. Forget about those lose weight fast fad diets. Eating to lose weight is an effective and long term strategy that will enable you to lose weight and, more importantly, keep it off.

Overall, Every Other Day Diet Plan is an excellent rotation diet weight loss choice if you’re enthusiastic about eating normal, healthy meals on a daily basis and need some structure. This is a long-term lifestyle plan designed to help you lose weight gradually, then maintain your ideal weight for life.

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