John Ruskan – Emotional Clearing – Alpha Journey

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John Ruskan - Emotional Clearing - Alpha JourneyJohn Ruskan – Emotional Clearing – Alpha Journey

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Being a musician and a meditator, John has a sharp interest in exploring the possibilities of triggering deep meditative, healing states with sound. He has produced a CD that contains various key binaural-beat frequencies of pure sine waves that will entrain brainwaves to the alpha and theta state, where meditation and healing spontaneously occur and get you up to speed with that Zen Monk people keep talking about.

This product contains not 1, as certain other brainsync CDs, but 11 different entrainment programs.

This is not an album of music or spoken guided meditations, but of tones that entrain the brain to match a certain frequency.

Includes 14 page instructional booklet. Total length: 60 min.

Price: $39.90 for the CD or instant DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

• Activates the body/mind’s natural inner balancing and healing process
• Contains the same type of binaural sounds as expensive ‘mind-machines’
• 11 different entrainment programs on one CD
• Utilizes brainwave technology proven safe and effective
• Recommended for therapy and bodywork sessions
• Includes 14 page instructional booklet (reproduced below)

The Emotional Clearing Guided Training contains binaural beats from this CD. This CD, however, contains a wider assortment of binaural beats and may be beneficial if you wish to expand your binaural beat – brainwave entrainment experience. There is no talking or music or subliminal message on this CD.

With any brainwave entrainment practice, it is ESSENTIAL to use a VARIETY of programs. You don’t want to simply keep listening to the same entrainment frequency CD over and over for long periods. You need to vary the frequency, to give your brain a varied, well-rounded exercise program, and to avoid becoming stagnated at any one frequency.

That’s why the best option, if you are going to get into binaural beats, is a ‘mind-machine’ which has many preset programs and even allows you to create your own. Such machines are quite expensive, however.

The next best cost-effective option is to have a variety of pre-set beats available. That’s what John’s AlphaJourney CD gives you.

There are 11 different binaural entrainment programs on this single CD. Each program is only 5 minutes long, but by putting your player on repeat, you can listen to any one program for as long as you like! It’s a simple solution to an often unrecognized problem.

The Programs:

All programs are 5 minutes except for the 10 minute chakra tune-up.

1. Tibetan Bowls. The continually varying high frequency of the tuned bowls breaks up negativity in the psychic body. Most often used at the beginning of a session.

2. Surf with intermittent binaural beat at 10 cps. Mid-alpha. A gentle experience good for bodywork or light trance. May be repeated indefinitely. The surf sound is an equal blend of recordings I have personally made of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

3. Low alpha 8 Deep relaxation. All programs from this point have white noise with tones.

4. Low alpha 7. Deep relaxation.

5. Chakra tune-up at theta 6. Start at the root chakra and spend one minute on each of the 10 chakras, moving upward with the pulsating tone. Visualize light going into the chakra, breathe into it, open to feelings, and send negativity to the earth. Conversely, you may spend the entire ten minutes focusing on any one chakra that needs attention. As the pulsating tone moves up in pitch, it changes the vibration acting on the chakra, and gives it a complete vibrational “workout.”

6. Theta 5. Deep trance.

7. Downward ramp from 8 to 4. Brings you into a deep trance from mid-alpha. May help break up any out-of-balance predominance of low frequencies of the brain, as referred to on page 14.

8. Deep theta 4. Deep trance.

9. Dual beats at 7.5 and 3. Playing two beats at once creates a special effect for deep trance altered state. Out of body. Cultivate a sense of the body going to sleep while consciousness stays awake.

10. Dual beats 6/2. Deep trance altered state. Out of body. Body asleep, mind awake.

11. Beta 16. Use if needed to restore alertness after any deep trance session. You may not need more than a minute, or less, of this vigorous tone.