Joel Marion’s – Xtreme Fat Loss

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Xtreme Fat Loss by Joel MarionJoel Marion’s – Xtreme Fat Loss

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The Xtreme Fat Loss Program consists of the following:

  • Component #1: The Diet Manual. This lists in full detail the exact specifications of what you need to eat, each and every day of the 25 day program. It includes detailed nutritional information, food lists, FAQs, charts and tables — in short, everything you need to know about your food intake while undertaking the program.
  • Component #2: The Training Manual. Written in conjunction with the renowned John Romaniello, the author of Final Phase Fat Loss System. The training manual gives you eight, never before seen workouts that are strategically put together to ensure the very best fat burning exercise to ensure the fastest results.
  • Component #3: Workout Log Sheets. Professionally designed, these printable sheets ensure you have your workout details right in front of you and the ability to record your progress.
  • Component #4: The Success Journal. Because there’s nothing like seeing the results in front of your eyes to give you even more motivation.
  • Component #5: The Supplementation Guide. Joel stresses that you don’t need to take supplements to see amazing results from Xtreme Fat Loss. However, if you choose to do so it’s possible to accelerate and get even more incredible fat loss results — and this is the guide to the very best in supplements that compliment the program.
  • Component #6: The XFLD Cliffs Notes. Containing the nuts and bolts of the program, in case you need a quick refresher after reading the main manual.
  • Component #7: The Pre-Program Quick Start Checklist. Does exactly as the title suggests…
  • Component #8: The Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Audio Interrogation. 90 minutes of quick fire questions from John Romaniello and Vince Del Monte to Joel Marion about all aspects of the program.
  • Component #9: Vince and Flavia Del Monte’s Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Secrets. Both Vince and Flavia, top-notch fitness gurus themselves, have used the program to great success. This 90 minute audio provides their top tips for getting the very best from the Xtreme Fat Loss program.

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