Joe Defranco ft Martin Rooney – Vertical Jump Manual


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Joe Defranco ft Martin Rooney - Vertical Jump ManualJoe Defranco ft Martin Rooney – Vertical Jump Manual

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This week, Joe D. and Cameron sit down to discuss Advanced Jump Training methods.


Joe Defranco ft Martin Rooney - Vertical Jump Manual

1:00 – Joe talks about this week’s sponsor – Blue Apron

6:50 – Advanced Jump Training discussion begins…

9:55 – Determining an athlete’s “Force-Velocity Profile”

15:55 – Cameron explains the “Explosive Strength Deficit Test”

20:40 – How to measure an athlete’s specific power output (in watts) based on their vertical jump height and bodyweight

26:20 – Incorporating depth jumps into your program

31:20 – Joe explains the “pogo jump” warm-up exercise

37:50 – Single leg jump training progressions

42:25 –  Joe explains how to perform Ballistic Step-ups & Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps

44:55 – Most neglected muscle groups when training to improve the vertical jump

49:15 – Jump training volume recommendations

53:10 – Where should you place jumps within your workout?

55:00 – Joe D. & Cameron’s favorite advanced jump training exercises

57:15 – Joe explains why he likes overspeed jumps better than overspeed sprints

64:20 – Show Conclusion / Important Announcements


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