Jay Cataldo – Limitless Home Study Course

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Jay Cataldo - Limitless Home Study CourseJay Cataldo – Limitless Home Study Course

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Here is the full breakdown of the course…

“Limitless” Contains 6 Exclusive Modules (Split Into 12 Powerful Weekly Coaching Sessions)

Module I (weeks 1 and 2): Beyond Mirth

In this module you’ll learn the secrets of TRUE happiness as well as…

  • The 12 major roadblocks to happiness and how to overcome them
  • Why drugs like anti-depressants often make you MORE depressed
  • The fallacy of “future happiness”
  • How to accurately predict how happy you’ll be 5 years from now
  • simple secret to increasing happiness while slowing the aging process
  • Why achieving a major goal can leave a person feeling WORSE than before
  • A simple trick to make yourself feel instantaneous bliss
  • Why lottery winners typically report feeling LESS happy after winning
  • How “The Twilight Zone” will instantly change how you feel about your current job
  • How to use the way we breathe to ward off sadness and depression
  • How our parents may be responsible for our lack of happiness and how to turn this all around
  • Why your level of happiness has NOTHING to do with your life circumstances (a huge revelation!)
  • The link between happiness and health and how to improve both
  • The 2 most important vitamins for increasing happiness
  • How a set of little colored stickers can turn you into the happiest person around
  • And much, much more…

Module II (weeks 3 and 4): Colossal Confidence

In this module you’ll learn how to develop MASSIVE levels of self-confidence as well as…

  • 15 ways to build your confidence in all areas
  • Why fear is just an illusion
  • The proof that you already have all the confidence you will ever need
  • How to turn off that annoying voice in your head
  • The truth about “excessive confidence” and arrogance
  • The 2 biggest fears that drain your confidence in an instant
  • How to instantly calm yourself in a stressful situation
  • The difference between confidence and competence
  • Why taking action BEFORE you’re ready is a recipe for success
  • Does “fake it ‘til you make it” really work?
  • The fastest way to change your brain chemistry for the better WITHOUT harmful drugs
  • A simple mental trick that can heal a dying relationship
  • The reason why our brain LOVES to focus on our failures
  • How “making peace with death” will skyrocket your confidence
  • 10 ways to massively increase your optimism
  • A simple exercise to eliminate all negative feelings from the past (guilt, shame, anger, etc)
  • The “Navy Seal trick” for creating confidence out of thin air
  • And much, much more…

Module III (weeks 5 and 6): Clock Control

In this module you’ll learn the time management secrets of the most successful CEO’s as well as…

  • The simple secret to getting more accomplished in less time
  • proven productivity system that will transform you into an accomplished executive
  • How to change your perception of time to make it speed up and slow down when needed
  • How to design your day so that satisfying results are inevitable
  • How productivity drugs like Adderall can destroy your ability to manage time effectively
  • How to eliminate overwhelm
  • How to properly prioritize your daily tasks and plan out your schedule
  • How to install excellent habits and rituals
  • The simple trick used by high-level CEO’s to accomplish 5 times as much as the average person
  • A list of the most common time wasters and how to avoid these deadly distractions
  • A deceptively simple technique for eliminating writer’s block in a matter of minutes
  • How to properly handle the random chaos that arises throughout your day
  • The worst time of the day to answer your emails
  • The 10X rule for achieving MASSIVE levels of success
  • And much, much more…

Module IV: (weeks 7 and 8): Monk-like Discipline

In this module you’ll learn how to develop incredible levels of self-discipline as well as…

  • Why self-discipline is considered the most important success skill of all
  • The best time of the day to wake up if you want to make it to the winner’s circle
  • The “motivation switch” technique that you can flip on at will
  • A step-by-step plan for creating enormous levels of self-discipline
  • How to conserve and increase your levels of willpower
  • The technique Stephen King used to become one of the most prolific authors of all time.
  • The #1 skill that sets the successful person apart from all the rest
  • A simple way to eliminate food cravings in 30 seconds or less
  • How “must-erbation” is destroying your productivity and what to do about it
  • The five major fears which weaken self-discipline… and how to overcome them
  • The four mental poisons that create endless procrastination
  • The “James Bond” technique to instantly shift your brain into action mode
  • How to eat properly to increase your self-discipline
  • The step-by-step self-discipline action plan
  • How a stack of ripped up dollar bills can help you eliminate procrastination for good
  • The “future film” technique to get you up off your butt and taking action NOW
  • How to procrastinate at the RIGHT times to increase your productivity (yes, this works)
  • And much, much more…

Module V (weeks 9 and 10): Serenity Shield

In this module you’ll learn the most powerful stress management techniques ever discovered as well as…

  • How to use “The wolf” technique to snap out of a negative state of mind
  • How a simple pair of tennis balls can make you feel like a million bucks
  • The absolute best thing to do when stressed or anxious
  • What to do if you are a chronic worrier
  • A weird technique for reducing stress by doing the OPPOSITE of what you’ve always done
  • The #1 supplement to take for chronic stress
  • The 8 major causes of stress and how to manage each one
  • The only relaxation technique you’ll ever need
  • The stress-stopping power of “emotion jumping”
  • One quick trick involving your couch that gets rid of pent up anger in moments
  • How a rubber band can give you exquisite control over your negative thoughts
  • How the morbid-sounding “death-bed” strategy can bring you peace of mind
  • The hidden links between diet and stress
  • How the angle of your gaze can actually bring on MORE stress and how to correct this
  • How the Buddha’s “hot coal” wisdom can help you prevent anger and resentment from destroying your health
  • The secrets of forgiving anyone for anything (this one little step alone will add YEARS to your life)
  • The most important person in the world to forgive and how forgiving this person will eliminate 50% of your problems in an instant
  • And much, much more…

Module VI (weeks 11 and 12): Mind Makeover

In this module you’ll learn how to reprogram your mind in any way you see fit as well as…

  • The #1 issue that holds people back from achieving their goals and dreams
  • The simplest and most effective way to stop a negative inner voice
  • How your pride is preventing you from learning at a rate ten times faster than normal
  • The easiest way to uncover “thought viruses” placed in your mind against your will
  • How to change old beliefs and install new, more empowering ones
  • The steps for overcoming your brain’s resistance to new ideas and habits
  • A simple exercise that will change your perception of “reality” for the better
  • How to stop your past from affecting your future
  • Why your attitude is the greatest barometer for future success or failure
  • The most important sentence for giving your mind a makeover
  • The five methods of subconscious programming
  • The complete 13 steps for making the law of attraction work for you (what “The Secret” never told you)
  • The 11 mistakes people make when visualizing their goals.
  • The “Benz” exercise to attract wealth and prosperity
  • How to become the kind of laid-back, positive person who magnetically attracts others
  • How to prevent unscrupulous people from manipulating you against your will
  • A powerful exercise to enhance your creativity (excellent for writers, artists and just about anyone)
  • The best times of the day for visualizing goals and how to do this most effectively
  • The only affirmation you’ll ever need to use
  • The “proper” way to pray (you weren’t taught this in Sunday school classes)
  • The “movie screen” technique to neutralize fears and phobias in 5 minutes or less
  • And much, much more…

BONUS: Private Coaching Session with Jay

Everyone who invests in this program will receive a complimentary 30 minute coaching call with me (a $160 value) so I can help you blast through a specific personal challenge. Also, if you require additional private coaching, you will be able to purchase one of my packages at a steeply discounted price. The special price is reserved only for clients who are investing in themselves with “Limitless.”