Jamie Smart – Salad NLP – If The Secret’s So Great – Show Me The Money

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Jamie Smart - Salad NLP - If The Secret's So Great - Show Me The MoneyJamie Smart – Salad NLP – If The Secret’s So Great – Show Me The Money

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Your ticket out of frustration & into abundance -Here’s just SOME of what you’re going to be learning, getting & experiencing from this 5 disc DVD set…

  • You’re never going to have to worry about money again (you may still experinece blips from time to time, at first but your responses will be TOTALLY different – it’s not going to control you ever again).
  • You’ll feel a deep sense of peace with yourself & your world, knowing that you’ve got nothing to fear. Some people describe this as “coming home” or “finally arriving”.
  • You’re going to get on-purpose & stay on-purpose, as well as feeling great about where you are right now (after all, if criticising yourself was going to work, it would have worked by now).
  • You’ll identify opportunities to bring money into your life, then take action & make bring them into being.
  • You’re going to get a real sense of BOTH kinds of freedom. Freedom FROM money-worries & the restrictions of an outdated worldview around money. Freedom TO create the meaningfully wealthy life you desire. Financial freedom arrives the moment you can see clearly.
  • You’ll discover the TRUE source of all abundance, & how the universe is throwing money at you all the time (HINT: You’ll also stop turning it down when it shows up).
  • You’ll create a vision for a lifestyle that you LOVE, & that works for YOU. For one person it may mean travel & time freedom, for another it may mean volunteering & social projects, for another it may mean sanctuary to write a book, for another it may mean a full coaching practiceWhatever a lifestyle YOU love looks like, you’re going to discover how you can actually create it.
  • You’re going to turn on the money tap, so money starts flowing into your life more & more easily (you may even create a bunch of income before the workshop’s even over).
  • Your relationships will improve. Money & worries about money are one of the biggest causes of relationship trouble. You’ll discover how to make that a thing of the past, & start creating the kind of joy & deep connection in relationships you desire.
  • You’ll learn how to create ANYTHING you want to bring into being. If you can dream it, you can LIVE it! We’ll be exploring the 3-step process to create anything you want to create.
  • You’ll have a crystal clear vision of your meaningfully wealthy future – one that you feel good about, & know you can achieve.
  • You’ll also have a step-by-step action plan for bringing it into being
  • You’ll deepen your connection with your life’s purpose (even if you don’t know what it is yet, you can discover it & connect with it here)
  • I’ll show you how to wake up & generate passive income so you can make money while you’re asleep
  • All of this for the purpose of creating a life you love, living an authentic, happy, organically successful life giving your gifts to the world, helping others & making a difference.
  • You’re going to escape from the Money / Spirituality / Purpose Double-bind that keeps so many people from making a great living doing what they love.
  • You’ll discover the myths about money that prop up our culture.

You’ll also learn all of this…

  • How to transcend the cultural beliefs that bind you to the endless pursuit of money.
  • How your inner feelings are independent of money and how you can put your emotional power back in your hands.
  • How to run your own life rather than have money (& other people) dictate terms to you.
  • Specific tools and practises that enable you to feel different about money and life generally.
  • How to immunise yourself against the powerful effects of marketing, advertising and mass media propaganda.
  • Tools and strategies for creating, keeping and increasing money and wealth.
  • You’re going to say goodbye to fear-based thinking about money.
  • You’ll learn how to eliminate those unpleasant feelings that can show up when you imagine doing the things that will make you naturally wealthy and secure.
  • You’re going to deeply discover that security is your birthright and learn how the process of living a wealthy and secure life is actually really fun!
  • You’re going to learn time-honoured strategies for creating wealth.
  • You’re going to develop an abundance mindset that tunes you in to the opportunities that are all around you that you are currently missing. This situation won’t change until YOU change. I will show you how.
  • You’ll naturally start to eliminate procrastination and discover the motivation inside you that naturally moves you forward.
  • You’ll begin to realise that the life you dream of is closer than you think. 
  • You’ll also be connecting with a group of committed, like-minded people who are on your wavelength & inspired to create meaningfully wealthy lives & serve humanity – you’ll make connections that will support you for years to come.
Plus, as a special thank you, I’d also like to give you six special BONUS GIFTS!

FREE Bonus 1 – Instant Wealth Unpacked MP3 (Worth £47)

For increasing your wealth and achieving financial freedom by changing your psychology around money. This audio uses the patterns of NLP & Hypnotic language to install the habits, attitudes, beliefs & actions of wealthy people

FREE Bonus 2 – The Top 10 Secrets of Instant Wealth Special Report (worth £47)

When you read this e-book, you will discover:
  • Your millionaire motivation and how to activate It
  • The magic money attitude
  • The missing link between wealth & happiness
  • The magic of thinking big
  • A metaphor that can make you money
  • and much much more..

FREE Bonus 3 – My 12 Biggest Money-mistakes & My 12 Most Liberating Insights” MP3 Audio (worth £197)

In this one-off audio class I reveal…
  • Why financial security is a myth, & why that’s actually GREAT news
  • How you can let go of money-worries & start to feel great about abundance.
  • The hidden traps most coaches, NLPers & changeworkers fall into around this stuff (& how to escape those traps).
  • The “false purpose” of money, & how it becomes easy once you realise its true purpose.
  • How to increase your Financial Resilience & have “emotional immunity” from the ups & downs of the economy.
  • The nature of “meaningful wealth”, & how it can support you in doing what you love, living on purpose & helping others..
  • The 3-step process you can use to start to enjoy developing your finan-chill abilities

FREE Bonus 4 – If The Secret’s So Great, Show Me The Money Audio MP3 – (worth £97.00)

  • You’ll get instant access to the MP3 download of the live recordings

FREE Bonus 5 – If The Secret’s So Great, Show Me The Money Special Report – (worth £97.00)

In this special report I reveal…
  • Why money is the most MISUNDERSTOOD substance on the planet.
  • How medieval SUPERSTITIONS about money prevent people from creating REAL wealth.
  • A change you can make TODAY to start experiencing more security & peace of mind around money, instantly.
  • The one thing you HAVE to know before you can experience true SECURITY & FREEDOM
  • The 3 Essential Keys for eliminating the fear of financial insecurity, creating a meaningfully wealthy lifestyle, & living a life you love on-purpose.

FREE Bonus 6 – Interviews with the Enlightened Success Masters (worth £75) ** BRAND NEW **

  • “Interviews with the Enlightened Success Masters” 1 months free trial membership to ‘Enlightened Success Monthly Mastery Series’ including a free CD of the 1st interview in the series with Aaron Turner Worth £75. You get 1 months free trial membership to ‘Enlightened Success Monthly Mastery Series’ including 2 free CDs of the 1st interview, an amazing double-length session with with my Mentor, Dr Aaron Turner. After 30 days you will then be charged £15.97 (+ Vat) a month for as long as you continue with your membership (you can cancel at any time but if you don’t want to take part in this series then just click ‘remove’ at checkout)
  • *** SPECIAL BONUS – JUST ADDED *** I’m delighted to tell you that you’ll now receive my interview with another of my mentors, George Pransky. George is one of the pioneers of the “Inside-Out” understanding of reality. The co-founder of groundbreaking consulting firm, Pransky & Associates, George has been developing this field for over 30 years. He’s one of the people who’s had an enormous impact on my own life, & this extra bonus CD (worth £29) is yours for free, just for trying out the series!

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