James Smiley – B2B Funnel Secrets

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James Smiley – B2B Funnel Secrets

James Smiley – B2B Funnel Secrets

Get James Smiley – B2B Funnel Secrets at the fexmall

Get 5 & 6 Figure Clients With What You Already Know!

Even If You Hate Sales And Have Never Closed A Big Deal In Your Life!This Is The Most Important Site

You’ve Visited All Year…

(if you want to be paid what you’re worth!)

From The Desk Of: James Smiley

Dallas, Texas

Look…I know where YOU REALLY ARE AT with your business.

If you’ve made it to this page you are the type of person who puts your entire heart and soul into what you do.

You know you’re worth more than your customers allow you to charge

You bring way more value than your current clients fully appreciate

Your “stuff” is better than the other sharks (aka your competitors) who low-ball your prospects and lure clients in with cheesy gimmicks and cheap prices

And you’re not willing to go there and keep lowering your prices…

but it seems like the market you serve will never pay you what you’re really worth…

Let’s face it friend… the market you serve is not ‘wide open’ like you thought when someone first sold you on all this.

And your family and friends are probably thinking…

‘look, you tried and did your best. Shouldn’t you think about getting a real job now?’

But your gut instinct inside keeps saying… “I CAN DO THIS!”

I CAN make a real difference…

I CAN get what you’re worth…

I CAN be different…

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and that’s why you keep going.

That’s why you take the risks you do…

So how do I know this? ??

Because I’ve recruited some of the most “BAD A” talent in the world to work with me to build some of the fastest growing companies out there…

(TeleNav we IPO’d and went from 100 to 15.5M customers; AT&T’s Innovation Center…I took the organization I oversaw from $0 to over $20M in two years and in five years we had over $60M in revenue!)

“B2B Funnel Secrets” Overview

Instant Leads For 5 & 6 Figure Deals!

My Secret 4 Funnels For Quick B2B Leads

The 4 B2B Lead Gen Funnels That Brings Your Ideal Clients To You vs. You Going To Them

My Entire 1-Hr “Expert Seminar” System That Gets Your Ideal Client There & Positions You Instantly As The Expert 100% Of The Time

The “Ultimate B2B Presentation Script” That Structures The Meeting So Your Ideal Clients Come To You For Follow-Up

The Proven Method To Attract Clients Even If The Market Is Saturated

Get James Smiley – B2B Funnel Secrets at the fexmall

Get “B2B Secrets” Now!

The Multi-Million Dollar Sales Script

My Proven Sales Script For Closing Without “Closing”

How To Position Yourself On The Client’s Side Of The Table

The Objections You’ll Get And How I Easily Overcome Them

How To Present Your 5 To 6 Figure Price Tag With Confidence And Believability

The Ultimate 3 B2B “Scarcity” Plays

How To Win The Deal Whether You’re An “Aggressor” Or “Nurturer” Style Sales Person

Get “B2B Secrets” Now!
The Proven B2B Consultant Backend
My Entire Business Structure & Processes

How To Easily Broker Out The “Work” So You Only Manage The Client Relationship
My “Weekly Executive Report” Email Template That Makes Executives Think You’re A Genius Even If Results Were Poor That Week
Copies Of How I Structure Deals
Copies Of Our Contracts (NDAs, Contacting Templates, etc.)
How I Setup Our Corporate Structure (so I’m always protected and I always have an “out” if I don’t like my client anymore)

Get B2B Secrets Now!

B2B Funnel Secrets” Enables

Marketers To Instantly…

Sell 5 & 6 Figure Deals Easily:  Leverage The Exact Service You Provide To “Cheap Clients” And Now Sell Those To B2B Clients

Get Quick Leads For 5 & 6 Figure Deals:  Leverage My 4 Proven B2B Funnels To Quickly Generate B2B Leads

Close Big Deals: Exponentially Increase Your Close Rate By Leveraging My 15 Yrs Experience Closing 5 & 6 Figure Deals

Broker Our The “Leg Work”:  Fulfill The Services Yourself Or Learn To Effectively Broker Out The “Leg Work” So You Work Less

Use Proven Structures:  Learn How To Structure Deals & Your Business So You Impress B2B Clients & Maximize Your Income

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Get James Smiley – B2B Funnel Secrets at the fexmall

Sale Page: https://b2bfunnelsecrets.com/bridge-video-order
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