Jacqueline Joy – Wealth of Being – Diamond Energy

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Jacqueline Joy - Wealth of Being - Diamond EnergyJacqueline Joy – Wealth of Being – Diamond Energy

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The vibration of the number “10” represents the ultimate gift of Diamond Alignment: Wealth of Being … Wealth enjoyed at all levels:

  • Spiritual Wealth
  • Mental Wealth
  • Emotional Wealth
  • Physical Wealth
  • Financial Wealth

This all-pervading Diamond Wealth of Being is the frequency that emanates from every cell of our Being when we live in Alignment with our Diamond Consciousness.

On 10-10-11, the frequency of Diamond Wealth of Being was transmitted in a “LIVE” Activation delivered by Spiritual Leader and Advisor Jacqueline Joy. In this recording of the “LIVE” Activation, Jacqueline Joy brings you into the benevolent power of the Diamond Energy Field to safely and comfortably receive the vibrational upgrade of Diamond Wealth of Being in your physical cells.

The recorded Transmission of the “LIVE” event is just as transformative as the “LIVE” Transmission itself. Receiving this Transmission often is very effective. Every time you receive the Transmission via the recording you will integrate this high-frequency upgrade more deeply into your cells … allowing you to more quickly and surely establish a new foundation for Wealth of Being in your life.

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