Hira Ratan Manek – Sun Gazing

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Hira Ratan Manek - Sun GazingHira Ratan Manek – Sun Gazing

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A proven & simple way for healing your Mind, Body and Spirit.
Without medicine, therapies, diets, fads, or “instant” methods.

Within 3 months, you can feel balance of mind and emotions.

Within 6 months, you can begin to become healed from physical diseases.

After 9 months, you can feel radiantly alive. Peace and clarity can pervade your consciousness. Energy can be high & be high & hunger may subside.

Join us for one or all three of these events. This is a very exciting opportunity to meet a person living on the energy of the sun. Hira Ratan Manek has been traveling the country from his home country of India, speaking to raw food communities and even at the Raw Spirit Festival. Viva La Vida in partnership with Possibilities of Success are bring this amazing individual to the Metro Detroit area.

As you will see, Sun Gazing is a walk, a journey, of establishing a relationship with the Sun that has been core to all life on this planet. The gift of SUNLIGHT becomes perhaps the most important element in your life, when you seek answers through the procedures of Sun Gazing. Sun Gazing opens a door to intimate knowledge of universal truths.

The ancient civilizations used the sun’s energy to heal their bodies. Isn’t it time to take your life into your hands and become the master of your own destiny?

“There is also a very important additional benefit available from solar energy and the sun, and that is called “sun gazing” (www.solarhealing.com ) Sun gazing is actually looking at the sun.

This can only be done right after sunrise or right before sunset. Other times would be dangerous for the eyes. However, the health benefits of sun gazing go even beyond that of sunbathing.

I would encourage you to go to the website to learn more information on sun gazing. I have seen and heard of hundreds of people that have virtually cured themselves of major diseases by simply sunbathing and sun gazing.” – Kevin Trudeau “More Natural Cures Revealed”

About Hira Ratan Manek…

Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) was born on the 12th of September 1937 in Bodhavad, India. He began to research and study the ancient practice of sun gazing in which he had been interested in since his childhood. After working on this method for 3 years, he was able to re-discover the secrets of sun gazing.

During his study, he was inspired by the teachings of Lord Mahavir of the Jains, who was also practicing this method two thousand and six hundred years ago. Other inspirations for sun gazing came from ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Native Americans.

Since June 18th, 1995, HRM continues to live mostly on sun energy and water. Until now, he had three strict fastings for 130 days, 211 days, and 411 days during which he had only sun energy and water and was under the observation of various science and medical teams.

We welcome you to explore and empower yourself with HRM’s methodology on how the sun can help your body heal itself! It is awesome to know that the Sun, the universe’s gift to us, can freely allow us to experience greater heights of our human experience with such a simple, cost free practice having no adverse effects that one can apply most anywhere in the world.