Filip Mihajlovic – Spiritual Option Homestudy Program

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Filip Mihajlovic – Spiritual Option Homestudy Program

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To see that, just notice how different is your current state from the one you had before doing these exercises, and how much easier is to take positive action and reach your goal now. (That is, of course, if you have done the practical exercises I have sent you :-)

Before you did these exercises you had a vague and abstract idea about what you want. Now your goal is transformed into totally specific future experience. It’s perfectly fine-tuned and totally attractive to all parts of your being.

Before this course you were sabotaged by your own inner conflicts. Some unconscious parts were working against your goal instead of working for its achievement. Because of that a lot of your energy was wasted in inner struggle, instead of being used for taking actions. Now you are working on your goal as a whole being, with all your parts absolutely engaged in immediate achievement of your goal.

Before, you were not confident about achievement, and now you are completely confidant.

When you complete the process for resolving inner conflicts, you are truly determined and you will confidently bulldoze trough all barriers between you and your goal.

And if you pay attention, transformation of abstract goal into GAE transformed your goal from abstract “I would really like to have this goal” to a clear vision of simple set of steps you know will lead you to the achievement of it.

And you have an exact list of steps and actions you need to take, which will lead you to achievement of that perfect goal.

So, start taking these actions. If you don’t take them all this is just an interesting mental game. Don’t leave it like that. Take action right away and achieve your goal.

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

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