Evan Osar – Complete Core Conditioning

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Evan Osar – Complete Core Conditioning

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Real-World ACTIONABLE Core Training

The term ‘core training’ gets thrown around a lot in our industry (and in the general public). There are lots of philosophies about core training and what is the best way to do it.

The strength guys say something like “forget doing abs, just do heavy squats and deadlifts”. The functional guys say “lying down is not functional, all core training must be done standing”.

Then you go on YouTube and see 1000’s of so-called ‘ab’ and ‘core’ exercises. Programming and terminology from these YouTube stars are all over the place and even contradicting.

So, who do we believe?

This is where I sought-out my go-to expert, Coach Mike Boyle. I wanted him to clear up the confusion once and for all so that trainers and coaches can all be on the same page with what actually works and approach core training with programming that is scientifically sound and real-world effective.

For your clients, you are just looking for results and ways to improve performance, so we came up with the new Complete Core program.

With so many different opinions about core training available, one of the main objectives of Complete Core is to clear up some misconceptions and disagreements about core training. The idea is to highlight the similarities in core training, instead of the differences, in order to make a complete core training system that works.

Get a Deeper Understanding of  WHAT,  WHY and  HOW

Complete Core was designed to really make you think about what you are doing from a core training perspective, to hopefully make you question some of the core training processes you currently utilize, and to ideally inspire you to change some of those processes with your athletes and/or clients. Coaches will be able to provide a better training experience for their athletes/clients who will ultimately benefit from this product.

Core Training with a Purpose

Introducing Coach Mike Boyle

Michael Boyle is known internationally for his pioneering work in the field of Strength & Conditioning and is regarded as one of the top experts in the area for Sports Performance Training.

He has made his mark on the industry over the past 35 years with an impressive following of professional athletes, from the US Women’s Olympic teams in Soccer and Ice Hockey to the Boston Bruins, Boston Breakers, New England Revolution, and most recently the Boston Red Sox.

His client list over the years reads like a “Who’s Who” of athletic success in New England and across the country including legendary Boston names such as Nomar Garciaparra, Cam Neely, and Ray Bourque. He’s served as a Strength & Conditioning Consultant for the 2013 World Champion Boston Red Sox and coached World Champions, National Champions and Olympic Medalists in…Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Rowing, Judo, and Gymnastics.

His former assistants, students, former players, and interns are sprinkled across the collegiate and professional ranks with teams like the Miami Dolphins, San Jose Sharks, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Anaheim Ducks, and Boston Celtics.

In short – when the best coaches and organizations in the sports world want proven, research backed information – Coach Boyle is their trusted resource.

Coach Mike Boyle’s Proven Protocols For Training The Core

With Complete Core, we want to give you some actionable information. Here are the Complete Core Course Objectives – When you’re finished watching the course, we believe that:

  • You are going to do your core training differently
  • You are going to add some exercises
  • You are going to eliminate some exercises
  • You are going to be able to provide a better experience for your athletes and clients so they can benefit from what you learned throughout this course.

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