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DR. ALEX LOYD – THE SUCCESS CODES. We have included testimonials from our clients that range from simply feeling better to recovery from major diseases, and that include significant successes


A Letter From Dr. Loyd and Dr. Johnson
To our clients, new and old, around the world:
When you read this book, please understand that everything you are reading is our opinion. Many people—including many medical, scientific and psychological experts—would disagree with us. What is written here is based on our experience, our research, our data collection using Heart Rate Variability testing, and the reports we receive from our clients . . . but it is still only our opinion.
We have included testimonials from our clients that range from simply feeling better to recovery from major diseases, and that include significant successes; however, we are not saying these testimonials are proof that either the Success Codes or The Healing Codes heal those issues. The Success Codes and The Healing Codes don’t even ddress those issues. They only address spiritual issues. We include the testimonials to let you know what is reported by many people when they heal these underlying
spiritual issues. We are committed to the truth, and we can’t withhold them and be telling the whole truth.

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What are these spiritual issues that can be healed with the Success Codes and The Healing Codes? King Solomon, who is known to this day for his wisdom and his understanding of human nature, said three thousand years ago that a person should  guard their heart above everything else, because from it flow all the issues of life.
Spiritual issues are heart issues. Not the physical heart, of course, but the “I love you with all of my heart” heart. We believe the heart is the seat of our spirit, our conscience, and our unconscious and subconscious mind. Science calls this cell memory.
Dr. Bruce Lipton, a Stanford biologist, may have been the first person to identify these spiritual heart issues from a scientific perspective. His work shows that over 90% of what affects our thoughts, feelings and actions is unconscious memories stored in our bodies. Southwestern Medical School calls them cellular memories. These memories contain wrong beliefs about ourselves, others, life and God, and these wrong beliefs create physiological stress. With enough stress over enough time, something physical is often the first thing to give, and health problems often result. Dr Lipton goes on to say that if you can heal the wrong beliefs, even genetic illness and disease can heal.
We think these wrong beliefs are King Solomon’s issues of the heart. A wrong belief is basically a lie about the true nature of reality, and we need to shine truth and light into our hearts to correct these lies. It is our belief that illness and disease are made
possible because of the emotional and physical environment created by spiritual problems. To give one example, if you believe that you are not worthy of success, you…

More specifically The Success Codes provide you with a simple to follow and easy to use technique which will allow you to effortlessly eliminate the underlying false and negative subconscious beliefs ( cellular memories ) that you have unconsciously absorbed over time which are ultimately responsible for limiting your overall results in life and keeping you from achieving the level of success that you desire and are quite capable of achieving.

Whether you want to admit it or not, there may be certain things holding you back, limiting your successes and achievements, and as much as you don’t want them to… they are and will continue to do so until you make the choice to do something about it.

Thanks to the latest in scientific discoveries, we are on the verge of breaking through and tapping into levels of human potential that previously were considered by most as impossible.

Science is proving that much of what we have come to believe with regard to health and success needs to be tweaked a little to fit with the latest discoveries. We are at a turning point which will change the course of history forever. Just as when it was discovered that bacteria although unseen was creating illness and killing people, new discoveries are being made which are going to enhance the lives of those who choose to become aware.

With the same sense of initial disbelief experienced when bacteria was first discovered, we are learning that success or failure stems from beliefs that are stored as memories all over your body. It is being found that these beliefs or memories, which have been accumulating since birth can and do have a tremendous impact throughout your life and if properly addressed can make major transformational changes in the outcomes that you experience in life.

The Success Codes, discovered by Dr. Alex Loyd, are one such discovery that addresses those issues specifically.

Get DR. ALEX LOYD – THE SUCCESS CODES Course immediately at the fexmall


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