Dick Grove – See It -Hear It ! Hear It – Play It !! – Chapters 1 to 4

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Dick Grove – See It -Hear It ! Hear It – Play It !! – Chapters 1 to 4

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Become the Musician You’ve Always Wanted to Become with this Legendary Home Study Course. Those “In the Know”, KNOW Dick Grove’s Music Education is Unmatched!

If you’re considering Juilliard, Berklee, or any other Music College… or Have already graduated, this course goes beyond. Hard to Believe, but it’s true. Google Dick Grove and you will find testimonials and forums where master musicians and music teachers rave about Dick Grove’s teachings.

Here is an approach to improving your musicianship that will make you a better musician. The course includes Modern Harmony, Sight-singing, Dictation, Notation, and Keyboard Harmony.

If you are frustrated with your ability to hear melody, rhythm, and harmony, and if you feel your musical foundation is lacking because your are self-taught or your education hasn’t explained how it all works, then this series is for you. It gets results for both relative beginners to graduates of music schools. How well you hear and how well you know what you are hearing is the secret.

The course is comprised of 20 chapters, each of which contains a textbook, assignment book, answer book, CD, and video classes taught personally by Dick Grove. It is like taking private lessons with Dick Grove, but you have the advantage of working at your own pace, at home, with your own schedule.

The course is the result of twenty years of development at the famous Grove School of Music, and it incorporates the techniques and approaches that have helped thousands to realize their musical potential. We condition your ear to be an ‘educated ear’ that can hear what it sees, and identify what it hears. You’ll be able to play musically and notate what you hear in your head.

The only prerequisite for this course is a simple and basic understanding of musical notation. From this point the course takes you step-by-step through a developing process that really gets results. We even offer a free Beginning Reading Kit if you are not familiar with basic notation.

This course is invaluable for instrumentalists, songwriters, arrangers and composers. For the trained musician it gives you a different practical insight that fills in the blanks. It is a comprehensive approach not taught anywhere, at any school, nor offered by any music publisher. If you teach music it makes you a better teacher.