Dewitt Jones – Everyday Creativity

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Dewitt Jones - Everyday Creativity

Dewitt Jones – Everyday Creativity

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About The Program

Everyday Creativity teaches a surprising truth about creativity: that it’s not a magical, mysterious occurrence, but a ready tool that enables you to look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary. Hosted by photojournalist Dewitt Jones, this best selling training program shares Dewitt’s inspirational stories, memorable locations, and stunning examples of his work.

You’ll feel inspired and encouraged to apply his simple, yet powerful life techniques to your everyday challenges. Viewers will learn that creativity is not about being artistic, but about having the right attitude!

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Note: This is the DVDRIP in MP4 format plus the Support Materials that came with the original DVD plus the scan of the original labels.
This GB is taking unsual ammount of effort and time, thank you for your compreension and patience, more material will be uploaded during this week, including ISO files.


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