Derek Johanson – Living Like James Bond

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Derek Johanson - Living Like James BondDerek Johanson – Living Like James Bond

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007 Lifestyle eBook Package intends to teach every man the way on how to achieve the lifestyle of the famous James Bond– his style, image, approaching women, and his seduction techniques.

Table Of Contents/ List Of  Topics Covered:

Mission 1: The Style & Image Guide

– How to develop James Bond style that wont break the bank

– How to buy shirts, shoes, pants, and accessories that will enhance your strong features and hide the bad ones

– What to buy when you’re traveling so that you look stylish on the road

– How to copy Bond’s body language secrets and appear confident even if you aren’t

– Eye contact tricks that will make you appear more dominant and in control

– The biggest mistake guys make when holding their hands and why avoiding it will make you look more alpha

– How to get a rock hard James Bond body fast with an easy to follow workout

– What foods will help you fuel your adventure packed lifestyle and keep your energy levels at their peak

– To arrange your home so Bond girls will beg you to spend time in it

Mission 2: Lethal Seduction Techniques

– Why James Bond’s attitude is so attractive to women and how you can adopt his mindset

– How to use Bond’s seduction techniques to attract gorgeous women

– Strategies for disarming obstacles, like boyfriends, and stealing away women

– Where to meet the Bond girl of your dreams

– How to use humor like Bond and make women want to be near you

– Subconscious attraction switches in women that will drive them wild

– 3 ways to approach Bond girls without fear of rejection

– Step by step instructions for escalating relationships from the first meeting into sexual encounters

– A simple mind reading technique that will fascinate your Bond girl

– Methods for tailoring your game so you can attract foreign women while abroad

Mission 3: Money, Wealth, & Exotic Travel

– Ways to escape the cubicle and make a living on the run like James Bond

– Where to find jobs abroad that are easy and fun

– What it takes to become a freelancer and work from anywhere in the world

– How anyone who can use the Google search function can become a freelance writer

– How to effectively spend your money so you’re never worrying about bills while on your adventures

– Why geoarbitrage will allow you to live like a millionaire on only $1,000 per month

– Why tipping opens social doors and how it can shoot your social status through the roof

– Exactly how much to tip to whom so you never have any doubts

– How to have a James Bond type car even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend

MI6 Report

– Interviews with experts in all facets of the 007 Lifestyle

– The best new information and articles to help you succeed

– Special offers and huge discounts on 007 Lifestyle related products

– 007 Lifestyle updates – anytime I make a revision or addition you’ll be the first to know

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