Dennis James – Bodybuilding

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Dennis James - BodybuildingDennis James – Bodybuilding

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Dennis James

Bodybuilding is one of the hardest sports to train for and compete in. On average a bodybuilder will stay in the competing circle for about five years. Dennis “The Menace” James has been around for five years already and shows no sign of slowing down. He has earned his way into bodybuilding and one day he will be on top.

Fun Facts

  • Marital Status:  Single – but unavailable
  • Favorite Automobile:  Mercedes
  • Favorite Music:  Soul, R&B, Rap and Blues
  • Favorite Binge Food:  Cheesecake & Ice-Cream
  • Favorite Actor:  Samuel L. Jackson
  • Favorite Movie:  “Rush Hour” with Chris Tucker
  • If weren’t a bodybuilder today, what would you probably be doing ?:  Playing Major League soccer in Germany.
  • In Five Years time I will be:  On Top
  • Trait you most admire in others:  Honesty
  • Trait you don’t admire in others:  Tardiness
  • Trait you most admire in yourself:  I never give up, and I’m honest.
  • Your Worst Trait:  Sometimes I can be too honest, which isn’t always taken too well.
  • Best thing about living in Thailand:  It’s real laid back, and with all the islands around, you can just take a boat to visit any one of many islands.
  • What do you do to relax:  Stay at home, or take my family to one of the islands.
  • What is your most Prized Possession:  My little girl Anna, and girlfriend Sin. My 2001 European Pro Championship medal for my first pro win.
  • What are your long term goals / ambitions for the future:  To always be involved in Bodybuilding.
  • What is your greatest source of motivation and inspiration:  Watching BB videos, and my training partner – Shane.