Dan Kennedy – Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits

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Dan Kennedy – Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits1

Dan Kennedy – Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits

Get to use lists. Can sell in a vacuum, with exclusive attention. (Like taking the prospect into the kitchen and sitting down at the table with him, away from TV or computer.)


Involvement = Length of time = commitment = sale
Physical, tactile experience.(Lumpy mail, object mail, attachments, paper sizes and textures, unfolding of folders. Can remind of pleasurable experience of unwrapping packages.)

Lifetime support – Download unlimited when you buy Dan Kennedy – Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits Course at Fexmall. The market leader in online learning – Offers a variety of diverse topics: Internet Marketing, Forex & Trading, NLP & Hypnosis, SEO – Traffic, …

Format flexibility/creativity (Especially important in selling to same people repetitively and/or securing attention from a resistant prospect, getting past gatekeepers).

GRAPHICS provide opportunities to gain and hold attention. (Accent colors, shading, type size variances, yellow hi-liter, handwritten margin notes, doodles.)

FREEMIUMS = obligation “Shock ‘n awe” packages(with highly qualified prospects). Option to “make your money in the dark”

Best opportunity for long-term, sustained ‘systems approach’, living in same lists with same piece “The power of individual choice has never been greater……………. the skill of micro-targeting – identifying small, intense subgroups and communicating with them about their individual needs and wants – has never been more critical in marketing or in political campaigns.

The one- size-fits-all approach is dead.” “Today, changing lifestyles, the internet, the balkanization* of communications and the global economy are all coming together to create a new sense of individualism that is transforming our society.

The world may be getting flatter, in terms of globalization, but it is occupied by 6-billion little bumps who do not have to follow the herd to be heard. No matter how offbeat their choices, they can now find 100,000 people who share their taste for deep fried yak on a stick. In fact, by the time a trend (interest or interest group) hits 1%, it is ready to spawn a hit movie, bestselling book or new political movement……all these people living a more single, independent life are slivering America into small niches.

There is no one America anymore. Or two or three or eight.”…If wealth is your goal, becoming a direct mail expert is not an option  its essential! In the over 30 years hes been in this business, direct mail has been Dan Kennedys number one media choice for producing wealth more than all others combined. Nine Ways to Shop and Rank the Value of Possible Lists to Rent or Buy

Use Dan’s systematic guide to locating the most profitable lists to invest in. Master this crucial step and you’ll have the key to unlimited wealth in your possession. Advanced Lessons in List Segmentation. Don’t make the “one-list-fits-all mistake.” Use Dan’s advanced strategies, reinforced with case studies, to come up with a winning list strategy for your business.

How to Match Your Message to Your Market: Avoid direct mail losses and frustration. Always produce profitable direct mail campaigns by making sure you’re targeting the right people with the right marketing message. Strategies to Grow Your Business in a Tough Economy. Set up your business so you’re in a position to bring in new revenue “at will.” Meaning you’ll have a proven money-making system you can put into action whenever you feel like it.

Five Ways to Get Rich with Direct Mail: More American fortunes are based on direct-mail than any other one thing according to Dan. Adopt these five strategies and you’ll be well on your way to joining them.

How to Dramatically Increase Your Direct Mail Profits: Tap into Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer’s years of direct mail “in the trenches” experience as they reveal their best direct mail money-making secrets in a very special bonus session. The entire “Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits”.

Kick back in your favorite chair as you watch Dan’s presentation on 5 DVDS or listen on the go with the 5 CDS. Follow along with the Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profit Presentation Manual and Transcript or use them quick review.


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