Collins-Lingea Spanish-English Dictionary v9 (2009)

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Collins-Lingea Spanish-English Dictionary v9 (2009)Collins-Lingea Spanish-English Dictionary v9 (2009)

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The 9th Edition Collins Spanish Unabridged Dictionary is simply the best Spanish dictionary you can buy. Here’s why:

10,000 new entries added:

The Collins Spanish Unabridged Dictionary gives you comprehensive coverage of both Spanish and English and the most up-to-date business, political, and Internet terms. Native Spanish and English speakers worked side by side to create a balanced treatment of both languages and to ensure authentic and appropriate translations.

Clear, helpful layout:

This fully-updated edition of the Collins Spanish Unabridged Dictionary offers a fresh and easy-to-read color layout that highlights idioms and key lexical structures in both Spanish and English. To make lookup even easier, the most complex entries have been given a special format. The addition of the latest words in both languages makes the Collins Spanish Unabridged Dictionary the most modern, accurate, and user-friendly Spanish-English dictionary available.

More colloquial usage than any other Spanish dictionary:

With its emphasis on current Spanish and English both written and spoken—including all areas of modern life and regional usage—this dictionary gives you the edge in finding the best translation.