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Chris Waller - The Royal Blueprint. November is said to be one of the toughest trading months of the year for online retailers and also potentially the most lucrative

Chris Waller – The Royal Blueprint

November is said to be one of the toughest trading months of the year for online retailers and also potentially the most lucrative. But we implemented a winning formula that works for us all year round – except the results were magnified! We first spoke to the client in August and their challenge was to significantly increase YOY sales and drive them up from 7-figures to deliver an 8-figure revenue within a 6 month time period. And also whilst maintaining a cold audience ROAS of above 5X, and blended ROAS (with retargeting) above 10X. For a $200 AOV product this was a tall order but they had some ingredients already in place: a great product and great understanding of their customer.
The store sold ski and snowboarding apparel/gear with AOVs in the $200 range. Store owner, Linus, ran ads himself previously but with a growing team and customer demand, wanted to bring an agency on board to take over and to accelerate growth and put the challenge to the team at SM Commerce.

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Here’s the low-down of what we achieved:

  • $7M+ revenue with just $340K in ad spend (21X ROAS) in November alone
  • An early launch Thanksgiving Thursday promotion with 48X ROAS turning $5K
  • spend into $240K+ in sales revenue
  • Generating over $15M revenue in 3 months

And for those that are impatient to read here’s the summary:

  • LOTS of fast testing in September to find audience and ads that worked
  • Found winners and scaled confidently
  • Scaled hard whilst maintaining super low CPMs ($5-10 in Q4) and a decent website
    conversion rate (3-4%)

For those that want to unpick the details, let’s jump in! Below are the 9 biggest takeaways, we took from this crazy campaign.

Get Chris Waller – The Royal Blueprint Course immediately at the fexmall

Old fashioned marketing; the secret sauce to sustainable, fast-growth with Facebook ads. Obvious? Great you’re ahead of many Facebook ads marketers struggling to create consistent results.
The barrier of entry to advertise on Facebook is so low, that simply boosting a page post allows anyone to advertise. Realistically, how many of your Page posts would qualify as an ad that addresses pain points, understands your avatar and creates a hook good enough to generate a click let alone a sale?
At the core of the most successful Facebook ads campaigns is creative marketing. It’s one of the key pillars that need to be in place in order to be able to scale a campaign to the moon. And it doesn’t need a big budget or a marketing degree to get good at marketing either.
Facebook advertising is a lot about shifting states – if a user is on the Facebook platform (and by this, I mean any Facebook owned platform you can advertise on including Instagram) then they are not there to buy. It’s the same principle as TV – who actually watches a TV show waiting for the ads? But as with TV, Facebook users have accepted ads as part of the experience.
Can you scale a campaign with sub-par creative execution? Sure. Can you sustain it, unlikely. Facebook place big emphasis on the user experience; as an advertiser you cannot ignore this.
Facebook introduced Relevance Score in 2015 to grade your ads in the auction and followed it up with User Feedback in 2018, allowing Facebook users to rate a store’s buying and post purchase experience. A way of further grappling with poor quality user experiences and ultimately leading to account bans.

With this Ecommerce store however, both brand image and user experience were core elements of the outward message we wanted to reflect to potential customers. We wanted to evoke the feelings of coolness, community and FOMO (fear of missing out) that the store exudes. This representation of how people could feel owning the product leads to DESIRE; people feel like they NEED what you sell.
Every project we begin starts by looking at the business with a marketing lens, starting with researching the niche and competition, building an avatar and testing the angles and propositions. For an early stage business there is more guesswork involved in building an avatar but in particular we use the 5W Avatar Model to uncover, in particular, emotional angles we can
play on, functional benefits we can reinforce and most importantly, to uncover objections.

Those objections combined with appealing towards the emotional, irrational benefits of what you’re selling are a crucial way of cutting through the noise. Once we knew via research and testing that the biggest motivator was the experience of being on the slopes and the biggest trigger being the bright colours and lifestyle images, everything else was built around this and their functional benefits…


Beginner Friendly A-Z content

The best methods to find 6-7 figure products

How to create a professional store that people actually buy from 10+ products that have generated over 6 figure

Hours of screen-share content of me killing & scaling ads

Behind the scenes content showing how I took an image ad to $120k in the first week

Facebook Ad techniques to scale to $10k+ days

Direct access to my private agent who currently gives me 8-10 day shipping (50 daily sales required)

And so much more…

Here Are a Few Things You Get…

  • A-Z Step-by-step training, Proven 6 & 7 Figure Strategies, And Case Studies
  • Lifetime Access to Evergreen Content
  • A ‘Reveal All’ Case Study showing how I took an image ad to $120k in the first 6 daysirect access to my private agent

Get Chris Waller – The Royal Blueprint Course immediately at the fexmall

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