Chi Power Plus- Advanced (Complete with PDFs)

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Chi Power Plus- Advanced (Complete with PDFs)Chi Power Plus – Advanced (Complete with PDFs)

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With Advanced Chi Power Training, You Can…

  • Discover the 3 different types of Chi Power breathing: Whether for health or manipulation, these 3 methods are the cornerstone of energy generation
  • Learn to Move Objects without touching them: How to get your breath and Chi to powerfully attract or repel objects, people or animals
  • Yin & Yang energy theory: Learn the balance of Yin/Yang energy and how it effects all areas of your life
  • Learn the “Full Ion Shield”: How to create a “Negative Ion Force” to be able to feel everything around you better
  • Iron Body Chi Power: Discover how to instantly focus to any part of your body with “Positive Ion Force” for protection
  • Demystify the ancient science of Organ Balancing:How to keep your internal organs in a constant state of balance
  • Using Chi Strikes for Self Defense: How to kick or punch with Chi Power for added martial arts prowess
  • Harness your Speed like a cat: Increase your speed substantially With our special “Velocity Exercises”
  • Learn “select” breaking methods: Achieve excellence with “select breaks” of bricks, wood other materials
  • Mental focus & Third eye Training: Learn the keys to gaining potent, mentally directed thought
  • Opening up the energy gates:How to increase the size and strength of your nerve fibers to create robust flow patterns
  • Impact your body’s density: How to increase the PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) in the body to harness even stronger Chi Energy.
  • Super charge your body’s electrical system: Amplify the Electro-Magnetic output in the body to boost your ability to Chi Manipulate people or objects.
  • Learn the keys to the 7 Vortexes in your body: Keep your body’s internal system spinning to increase your vitality
  • The secret of the “whirling dervishes”: How to stimulate the seven endocrine glands with this rotation exercise
  • Specific Hitting Exercise:Use this unique exercise to open the pores in your body
  • Try this secret exercise for maximum results: Generate incredible Chi Flow Patterns with our extraordinary “Blood Washing” exercise
  • Learn the three (3) keys to doing Bone Marrow Energy Packing properly:Energy packing you can really feel and use to pump up your energy

And so Much More……

Additional Bonus 

When you order this course today, you will be able to take advantage of another bonus that is being provided.

This is just a sampling of what is in this dynamic curriculum. I am so happy for you that I have packaged this course with an additional book on Self-Defense. for an incredible value and savings ,that will naturally allow you to be delighted with this. Here are just some of the important concepts you will learn with…

“The Secrets of Fighting & Self-Defense” Digital Book.

  • The four zones of attack and why every fighter needs to be proficient in each.
  • Blocking and striking keys
  • Centerline Concept
  • The one major secret that will allow you to win 95% of all fights you’re in.
  • Line familiarization and why you need to know it.
  • Real self-defense methodologies, including muggings, car-jackings and other attacks.
  • Where most crimes happen and how you can prevent them from ever occurring.
  • Discover the importance of awareness and how you can have a warning mechanism for all potentially dangerous situations.
  • The (5) mental weaknesses and how to avoid them.
  • Basic Vital Targets, including the (3) you want burned into your brain at all times.
  • Why a knife can be more dangerous than a gun in certain situations.
  • Realistic ideas for defending against a gun wielding attacker.
  • The mental tactics that all warriors use.
    And much more high powered information than you can shake a stick at!

Chi Power Inner Circle Membership Portal ($300 Value)

When you take advantage of this offer, I am going to give you 12 Weeks/ 90 days FREE Access to Chi Power Inner Circle Membership Area.

Once inside the Members area, you will have access to:

  •  Videos of Advanced, Concepts & Methods for Chi Power Development
  •  MP3 Files and Audio Files for you to download directly to your IPod or CD.
  • PDF Documents and Transcripts of the Monthly training sessions.

The unique thing about this membership site, is that you, the member will make suggestions on which topics we teach on a monthly basis.

All you have to do is email us your questions, and we’ll either answer them by video, audio or during a conference call.

Its that powerful, and that easy!