Chen Zhen Lei – Old Frame 1st Set

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Chen Zhen Lei - Old Frame 1st SetChen Zhen Lei – Old Frame 1st Set

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This is the second book in a new and important series on Chen style Taichi Chuan, demonstrating the two key routines for mastering Taichi. This second volume gives one of the most thorough sections on general principles ever presented in English: over 100 pages of well-translated theory, origins, charactetistics, posture requirements, combative effectiveness, training methods and step and much more. Each of the two routines is broken into three parts, introduction, a description of the routine, and then the breakdown. Both routines, #1 & #2, are handled this way.

Every one of these classic routines shows the flavor and elegance of Chen Taichi. The descriptions are solid and make comments on what to emphasize and some written examples of application to combat. Chen Zhenglei (yes, it’s no accident that his family name is that of the creators of Taichi) is a 19th generation descendant of the Chen family and an 11th generation direct line inheritor of Chen’s Taichi. His Taichi studio in China is one of the most visited in the world. He has disciples in many countries.

The entire series of books is a major contribution from Chen Zhenglei and Jack Yan. It is, at its core, a very detailed description of Taiji health movements, the two key routines of Old style and the two beautiful forms created by Chen Fa Ke of the New style, then a volume with four major weapons sets explained. The translation is literate and intelligent and very clear. Jack Yan resolves translation problems that have been stumbling blocks for a long time.