Chad Kimball – Phone Verify Google Local Listings

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Chad Kimball – Phone Verify Google Local Listings.Choose a fake business address

Chad Kimball – Phone Verify Google Local Listings

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Step 3: Choose a fake business address

You need to choose a fake business address and of course it should match the one you used for your site. But it’s important that you make this look real, what you should do is go to and start looking for office buildings and shopping centers. To find a real valid address like this:

1 Adelaide Street East, Suite 101, Toronto, ON M5C 1J4.  And use this as a business address – 1 Adelaide Street East, Suite 205, Toronto, ON M5C 1J4.

If you search for the 2nd address, you can see that it doesn’t really exist but it looks real and is in a real office building. You want to make sure that the address you use is 100% fake and doesn’t exist, but looks real.

You do not want to use an address that is being used by another business this will raise flags. If you aren’t sure just enter the address into google maps and search, if no business names come up then it’s a good address to use.

The good ole days of phone verified google local listings have returned! You can setup 100s of listings for your business on google maps, even if you don’t have a business address. (no postcards) The technique is totally different from what we used to teach. Its a “back pocket” technique we hardly ever talked about.

GOOD NEWS: I’ll teach you the whole thing.

BAD NEWS: I can’t teach too many people or it wont be a secret anymore!

I intend to keep this inside a small group, so it will last for a very very long time.

ALSO this will be expensive. I will teach this one on one to you. I usually charge $997 for one hour of my time. There may be less expensive options where I teach you via email, but still, only email me if you are willing to make a decent investment in this training.


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