Cathy Moonshine – Advanced Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

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Cathy Moonshine - Advanced Dialectical Behavioral TherapyCathy Moonshine – Advanced Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

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In this seminar recording you will learn more than 50 DBT skills that can be taught to a variety of clients in different formats and settings. This seminar individualizes DBT to A xis I & A xis II disorders. Additionally it will adapt DBT to age, cognitive ability and cultural diversity. We will explore strategies for motivating clients to use DBT in their lives as well as practicing a user-friendly chain analysis protocol.

You will end this seminar recording with increased DBT competency as well as many new tools including more than 25 client worksheets, recommendations for creating your own skills and streamlined chain analysis forms. You will take home an extensive manual with options for utilizing DBT in your clinical practice and a four month curriculum.

  • Use DBT flexibly, creatively and effectively
  • Increase your DBT toolkit with more than 50 skills
  • Apply DBT to many clinical presentations, age groups and diversity
  • Practice streamlined chain analysis protocols
  • Take home more than 25 client worksheets and other resources