Carol Look EFT – I’m Afraid To Shine

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Carol Look EFT - I'm Afraid To ShineCarol Look EFT – I’m Afraid To Shine

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Why Are You Sabotaging Your Success?

Can you think of any reasons that you might want to sabotage your success? Any reasons you might feel unsafe being successful?

Picture the success and abundance you want in your life now – success in your personal life, in business, finances, or physical health. Picture it fully, and put yourself in this picture of success and abundance. Now notice anything that doesn’t feel totally comfortable about this scene. Is there any tension about having that success? Any discomfort? Any “yes buts…” that seem to be surfacing?

It may surprise you to find that you have strong emotional resistance to attracting success and abundance, but it’s incredibly common. More importantly, it’s incredibly simple to release your resistance to success with tapping. All you need to do is identify and tap on the reasons you’re afraid to be your best you. Once you eliminate the reasons you sabotage, you will no longer need to repeat this energetic pattern.

Identify Your Fears Of Success

To identify more specifics about your fear of success, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the “downside” of getting this success I want?
  • What’s the “upside” of staying where I am?
  • How does it serve me to sabotage? (What’s the benefit of sabotage?)

The answers to these questions will lead you to the tapping sequences you need to use to break through your abundance barriers.

Examples of Sabotaging Your Success

Suppose you want to get promoted at work – what might be the “downside” of this success? Many people are afraid of other people’s jealousy and envy, so without knowing it, they sabotage their chances of getting promoted. In other words, they’d rather be safe and in their same position, than get promoted and have to put up with jealousy from co-workers.

Take another scenario and suppose you want to double your income – ask yourself the same questions:

  • “What’s the downside of doubling my income?”
  • “How does it serve me to stay earning my current salary?”
  • How does it serve me to sabotage

What’s the downside of starting your online business or getting your ebook published or reaching any other goal? You might be surprised by what answers you hear from inside…

Common Reasons To Sabotage Success

Below are the most common answers I hear to the question: “What’s the downside to being successful?”

  • I don’t want to stand out
  • I’m afraid to shine
  • They might criticize me
  • I don’t deserve it so it will probably be taken away from me
  • I can’t fail if I don’t succeed, so why succeed?

The most common answers I hear to the question: “How does it serve you to stay the same?”

  • I hate change
  • I don’t want to rock the boat
  • Who will I be if I’m successful?
  • They can’t be jealous if I’m not successful
  • I feel safer staying the way I am
  • It’s just easier this way…

Using EFT For Self Sabotaging Behavior

Let’s get tapping! Start with the karate chop point and then tap on the sequence of points with the wording I provide below. Feel free to change the phrasing to fit your exact fears, and enjoy the clearing!

Karate chop pointEven though I’m afraid to succeed because then I’ll stand out, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway… Even though it doesn’t feel safe to stand out and shine, I choose to get in alignment with success now… Even though I’m afraid of getting negative attention, I accept who I am and how I feel.

Eyebrow: I’m afraid to stand out

Side of Eye: If I succeed, they’ll notice me

Under Eye: I don’t want to be a target for anyone

Nose: They won’t like my success

Chin: They’ll criticize my success

Collarbone: They’ll be jealous and say something nasty

Under Arm: I’ve always been afraid of success

Head: It’s safer to stay where I am

Take a deep breath, and continue tapping :

Eyebrow: What if I could be successful and still feel safe?

Side of Eye: I want to shine in everything I do!

Under Eye: What if my success can feel safe and joyful?

Nose: What if I’m supposed to be successful now?

Chin: What if I ignore their jealous reactions?

Collarbone: What if I could really start shining?

Under Arm: I definitely want to shine!

Head: I intend to shine because it’s good for everyone!

Take a deep breath, and then tap on the revised sequences below, again, changing the wording to suit your situation:

Karate chop point: Even though I’ve been sabotaging my success and didn’t know why, I choose to accept my fears and release them now… Even though I’ve been sabotaging my success so I don’t get negative attention, I choose to release these blocks and move on… Even though I thought it felt safer to sabotage my success, I choose to accept all of me anyway.

Eyebrow: I’ve been sabotaging and now I know why

Side of Eye: I’ve been so confused about my sabotage behavior

Under Eye: Now it makes sense to me

Nose: I just wanted to stay emotionally safe

Chin: What if I can stay safe even if I’m successful?

Collarbone: I want to feel successful now

Under Arm: I deserve to be successful now

Head: I choose to be successful now