Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary (V. 1.0 2003)

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Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary (V. 1.0 2003)Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary (V. 1.0 2003)

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New edition of the classic work by Daniel Jones includes up-to-date entries and new study pages.

The 18th edition includes over 230,000 pronunciations of words and phrases. Unlike general dictionaries, it also includes the pronunciation of proper names, people and places. It also features The World of English Pronunciation – a collection of lively essays on aspects of pronunciation by leading experts in the field, and includes a phonetics and phonology glossary and notes on the relationship between spellings and sounds.

Key features

  • Over 80,000 entries and 215,000 pronunciations using the International Phonetic Alphabet.
  • Includes proper names as well as general vocabulary.
  • CD-ROM and online versions include spoken pronunciations in British and American English.
  • Panels give information on sounds and phonetics terminology.
  • CD-ROM includes exercises, pronunciation practice, and phonetic search facility for comparing sounds.