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Burt Goldman, American Monk – Mindbox 1 and 2

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Burt Goldman & American Monk – Mindbox 1 and 2




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Burt Goldman, American Monk – Mindbox 1 and 2

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Burt Goldman, American Monk – Mindbox 1 and 2

The Mind Box Part I

Books by Burt Goldman. Better and Better with Ove Sehested.  The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics with Jose Silva. How to Better Your Life with Mind Control. The Power of Self Mind Control Good-bye April Moon Armo’s Song Maggie Survival and Payback Slices of Life in the Old West Zyclo.

All techniques have been presented and used by students of Burt Goldman’s international seminars for more than twenty years. They are simple, effective, and easy to understand; however no single technique works all the time for everyone. But if you use any of them and it works for you your life will change for the better. Get used to going to a technique for the problems in your life. The Mind Box techniques are designed to unravel virtually every problem in life.

Chapter 1 / Page12
Polarity Technique
Chapter 1 / Page11
The Bagha
Chapter 1 / Page15
Bagha Duo
Chapter 2 / Page20
Thought Stopping
Chapter 2 / Page 25
The Metaphor
Chapter 3 / Page31
Polarity Switch
Chapter 4 / Page 41
The Painted Smile
Chapter 3 / Page 33
Self Competition
Chapter 4 / Page 43
Act as If
Chapter 5/ Page 48
Converse in Spirit
Chapter 6 / Page 56
Plato’s Room
Chapter 5 / Page 51
Contentment Mantra
Chapter 6 / Page 59
Power Images
Chapter 7 / Page 67
Tapping Technique
Chapter 9 / Page 79
Majestic Sight
Chapter 8 / Page 71
Power Shield
Chapter 9 / Page 82
Tension Power
Chapter 10 / Page 86
Kahuna Boldness
Chapter 11 / Page 98
Attitude Reversal
Chapter 10 / Page 92
Mental Accupuncture
Chapter 1 / Page16
The Daisy Pond
Chapter 11 / Page 98
Attitude Management

7 1 Secrets to Meditation
17 2 Secrets to Habit Control
27 3 Secrets to Boosting Self Esteem & Confidence
36 4 Secrets to Gaining Friends & Influence
45 5 Secrets to Overcoming Grief & Depression
52 6 Secrets to Speed Learning
60 7 Secrets to Finding Love & Lasting Relationships
69 8 Secrets to Mastering Your Emotions
75 9 Secrets to Achievement
85 10 Secrets to Overcoming Fears & Phobias
93 11 Secrets to Controlling Your Thoughts

Occasionally you will find suggestions to go to the next track, or a reference to a particular track number. This Mind Box Workbook has been designed to use with the twenty one CDs that should be part of the Mind Box home seminar series. If you are simply reading this as a book, without the CDs please overlook the directions that refer to tracks or CDs.

Get Burt Goldman, American Monk – Mindbox 1 and 2 course immediately at the fexmall

Meditation brings about a stress free mind that attracts the good things in life.Here’s why that’s important to you. Psychologists have listed hundreds of causes of stress, even to listing them in a hierarchy, on a variety of scales, usually listing the death of a spouse as the number one cause and hundreds if not thousands of other reasons for stress, all listed by number generally from 1, which indicates a mild stress, to 100, which indicates a stress so severe it could be life threatening. We are going to look at stress a bit differently. Stress, very simply, is caused by a change of the way things are. Any change in the status quo will create a situation that causes stress. However you cannot give a number in a hierarchy for an event as a person’s attitude will determine how they react to the change. People react differently to change, and therefore to stress. If everyone always reacted the same way then there would be no point in trying to alleviate stress by changing an attitude, but they don’t and so that allows us to modify, and in many cases, eliminate stress. Stress causes an uneasy mind. When your mind is restful, stress is impossible. Now the question will arise, how can I have a resting mind? Often, a metaphor can show the way. So let me tell you a story of an incident that would normally cause a great degree of stress in most people. It took place 25 years ago during a class I was presenting on stress and how to deal with it. Lunchtime came along and I, along with three people in the class went out together to go to a nearby restaurant. We were going to take my car as I had purchased a new one only the week before. As we approached the vehicle in the parking lot we all saw it at the same time; a big dent in the right front fender. Someone had slammed into the car while it was parked in the lot and had driven off without even leaving a note on the windshield. The three students with me looked at me and waited for the blowup. I must admit for a moment I could feel irritation and my body tightening with anger. But I cut it off immediately with a simple technique I will teach you in a moment.
Jumping into the car I said to the three “Let’s go. There’s a body and fender shop just down the street.” “You going to get it fixed right now?” One of the students asked.
“Nope.” I answered, “What I’m going to do is to get a price on what it costs to repair the dent, and whatever that price turns out to be, I’m going to create something that I’m not doing right now, and I’m going to make three times the cost of the dent.” We drove to a nearby shop and I was told that the cost of repairing the fender would be $450.00. I immediately tripled the figure and thought, $1,350; I’ve got to earn with something new, $1,350.00. Now whenever I looked at the dent in my fender I didn’t mentally start cursing the low life who dented it and ran off, no, not at all, now when I looked at the dent I thought, $1,350.00 I’ve got to earn $1,350.00. I kept thinking of how I could make that amount of money. It had to be something that I was not doing at that time. I thought about it and thought about it and finally came up with the answer.
I would create a brand new seminar for my friends and if they liked it I would send out a mailing to all the people who had been through my classes and I would set a goal of making $1,350.00 from it. And so I put the seminar together and did it for fifteen of my friends, didn’t charge as I was checking out the new material. My friends loved it. I sent out a mailing after renting a meeting room and did the new seminar. I was surprised I made more on that seminar than the new car cost, and all because someone dented my fender.
The technique that I used was a simple re-direction of energies, something I think of as the RD, or Re Direction. But first, I had to rest my mind. The title of the first CD track is resting the mind, now what does that mean? Stress requires an active mind. When you are stressed out, many things are flitting through your mind, expectations of things to come. There is always some catalyst to set the mind off. The catalyst is usually of a negative nature but not always. Winning the lottery, or getting a promotion are both positive things but they can precipitate a good deal of stress. Any change in the normal routine will do that. When you are involved in routine your mind is resting, you act by rote, just a mechanical repetition. That repetition can be with regards to an occupation, the routine of housework, or a simple taking a walk with your dog. Anything that you do over and over again you will find that you usually do that with a mind at rest. When I first saw that dented fender my mind flew off into all kinds of…

Burt Goldman, American Monk – Mindbox 1 and 2. He product consists of 2 collections, each consisting of 11 CDs, a bonus CD and a manual (PDF).

Collection I – Going from Beginner to True Disciple.
Mastery Module 1: Secrets to Meditation
Mastery Module 2: Secrets to Habit Control
Mastery Module 3: Secrets to Self Esteem and Confidence
Mastery Module 4: Secrets to Gaining Friends & Influence
Mastery Module 5: Secrets to Overcoming Grief & Depression
Mastery Module 6: Secrets to Speed Learning
Mastery Module 7:Secrets to Love & Lasting Relationships
Mastery Module 8: Secrets to Mastering Your Emotions
Mastery Module 9:Secrets to Achievement
Mastery Module 10: Secrets to Overcoming Fears & Phobias
Mastery Module 11: Secrets to Controlling Your Thoughts

Collection II – Going from Disciple to attain True Mastery
Mastery Module 12: Secrets to Aging Gracefully
Mastery Module 13: Secrets to Wealth
Mastery Module 14: Secrets to Career Success
Mastery Module 15: Secrets to Dealing with change
Mastery Module 16: Secrets to Reiki Healing
Mastery Module 17: Secrets to Manifestations
Mastery Module 18: Secrets to Connecting to Your Psychic self
Mastery Module 19: Secrets to Luck
Mastery Module 20: Secrets to Connecting to Higher Consciousness
Mastery Module 21: Secrets to Finding a life Purpose
Mastery Module 22: Secrets to Enlightenment

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