Brian David Phillips – Hyp-No-Sleep (Waking Hypnosis)

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Brian David Phillips - Hyp-No-Sleep (Waking Hypnosis)Brian David Phillips – Hyp-No-Sleep (Waking Hypnosis)

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Brian David Phillips — Hyp-No-Sleep
Brian David Phillips — Hyp-No-Sleep (Waking Hypnosis) [5 DVDs – MP4]



Beyond Hypnosis and NLP
Eyes Open Suggestion andExperiential Waking Hypnosis


Imagine having the confidence and skills to be the sort of person who can walk up to a stranger and to create an amazing connection and guide that person into deep trance, exhibiting all the signs and benefits of hypnosis, without a formal “induction” or even eye closure or relaxation.

No fear, no manipulation, just honestly being the sort of person who is comfortable and confident who creates special moments for others, enjoying opportunities for trance for change, transformation, or simply recreational entertainment. This experience is about gaining skillsets in directed waking hypnosis. Jump into the rabbithole with us, and enjoy the wonderland world of waking experiential trance.

An Experiential Trance Experience in Powerful Innovative Techniques for EXPERIENTIAL WAKING HYPNOSIS

Techniques for Entertainment, Recreation, Introspective Discovery, Intuitive Understanding, and Positive Transformation

Six full DVDs of solid instruction in Eyes-Open No-Relaxation Experiential Waking Hypnosis. That’s over ten and a half hours of comprehensive training. There are other programs that claim to teach this material. Most of these are not nearly as comprehensive in their breadth and depth.

This seminar is not a course, it is truly an experience . . . an exploration of the nature of trance, of hypnosis, and of deep trance phenomena and how to create amazing experiences for people in just a few moments.

Learn a number of processes, games, techniques, and approaches to experiential trance and waking hypnosis. These unique and powerful techniques help you open yourself to wonderful opportunities within a wide variety of contexts.

This weekend experience is no mere lecture-based seminar, be prepared to jump into the experience fully to experience trance states and change processes that are both powerfully effective and deeply moving.

In addition to a number of powerful techniques for creating experiential trance with eyes open and full experiential waking hypnosis in yourself and others, participants will learn and experience powerful transformational processes for introspective self-discovery and change.

The processes explored will include (but are not limited to):

Orientation to Experiential Waking Hypnosis

Suggestibility Effects as Waking Hypnotic Inductions

Workhorse Rapid Inductions Adapted to Waking Trance

Instant and Rapid Eyes-Open Inductions

Deepeners Conversions

Experiential Trance Phenomena Utilization

Waking Suggestion Experiential Changework Patterns

Eyes-Open Hypnotic Games

. . . and more!

You will learn all of this and much, much, much more. Obviously, this is a very fast-paced and extremely comprehensive course but we will take our time and make certain you learn, practice, and experience the core principles. We will indeed take the time to smell the flowers and breathe in the air of paradise while having an incredible experience.

This is an intensive training in Experiential Waking Hypnosis and as such requires clear concentration and full involvement on the part of students who must come ready to engage themselves fully in the process. Do not merely learn this material, learn how you can become a true master of HYP-NO-SLEEP.

This seminar is an intensive experience of enhanced trance techniques. Participants should be prepared to leave all their preconceptions at the door and jump into this seminar with imaginations open and ready to experience new worlds and powerful processes.

Participants will learn the processes and experience them both as guide and as recipient in what for most will be a truly mind-opening waking experiential trance.

This experience is appropriate for novice and experienced trance practitioner alike.

This SIX DVD SET is comprised of a video recording of a live seminar held in Keelung, Taiwan. Note that the course has live interpretation from English into Mandarin Chinese for seminar participants who do not speak English. While the instruction and explanations are given in English, the Chinese interpretation can be heard in the background. The dominant language of the soundtrack is English and most people do not find the background audio track distracting, nor does it impede comprehension.

The content of this program makes up a comprehensive course in Experiential Waking Hypnosis.

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